I'm a witch who sees the future.
Marisol describing her powers to Sasha.[src]

Foresight (also known as Premonition or Prophecy) is the power to perceive events of the future before they happen. This has been shown to be a very helpful ability, as the users are sometimes able to be aware of oncoming attacks and prevent tragedies from occurring. It has also been shown that this power can be accessed while the user is asleep through precognitive dreaming.[1] Those with the power are occasionally referred to as "prophets".

Known Users

Original Power
Through spell, artifact, power stealing, etc.

Similar Powers


  • In the original series, Phoebe Halliwell, one of the Charmed Ones, was the one who had this power, calling it "Premonition".
    • In Switches & Stones, Harry referred to the power as "premonition," paying homage to the power from the original series.
    • In Deconstructing Harry, Maggie officially gained the power to foresee the future, similar to her counterpart Phoebe in the original series, after contact with black amber. She referred to her psychic vision of the future as "foresight." In Needs to Know, Harry referred to Maggie's power as "foresight."
    • In Breaking the Cycle, Maggie referred to her ability as "premonition."
  • In the original series, those with the power of "premonition" could grow to see events from the past and the present as well.
  • In Exorcise Your Demons, Marisol's ability is referred to as "the gift of prophecy".
    • According to Charity Callahan, a prophet's predictions do not always come true. However, this could simply just be her opinion and the validity of this has not been outright confirmed or denied.[2]



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