Never forget, love is the real magic...
— Message of Francesca in her potion book[src]

Francesca Jameson was a witch and an ex-lover of the demon Alastor. She was the mother of Abigael Jameson-Caine.


Early Life

Many years ago, Francesca met the ancient demon Alastor. Through him, she gave birth to her daughter, Abigael Jameson-Caine. Francesca and Alastor separated for unknown reasons and she had to raise her daughter alone in Sussex, England.[1]

Francesca and her daughter had severe relationship: she imposed on Abigael of witchcraft, trying to fix her demonic side with every magical means possible. But when that didn't work out, Francesca gave up her daughter perhaps by driving her out of their home.[2]

At some point, this witch died for unknown reasons. After that Abigael took Francesca's potion book, going as far as stating it was "one of her favorite potion books".[3]

Throughout the Series

Season 2

In "Deconstructing Harry", Abigael mentioned Francesca in passing when she told Mel Vera and Macy Vaughn that she and her mother had lived in Sussex, England.

In "Dance Like No One is Witching", Francesca's book helped her daughter and Mel save Harry Greenwood. Also, Abigael mentioned to Mel that she wasn't the only one whose mother had died.

In "Search Party", during an argument with Mel, Abigael mentioned that Francesca was horrible mother and she wasn't "perfect" as the mother of the Charmed Ones.


According to her daughter, Francesca was a horrible mother who forced her to practice witchcraft in order to eliminate Abigael's demonic tendencies. It seems that Francesca was also a harsh and cruel woman, as she abandoned her daughter when Abigael did not live up to her expectations.

Still, her words written in her potion book indicate that Francesca once believed in the power of love. However, it is not known whether these words were written before or after her encounter with Alastor.

Powers and Abilities

Basic Powers


  • Francesca Jameson's Potion Book: A small book containing many potions, such as the antidote for the Malignent's demonic parasite. It was left for her daughter after her death.



  • Francesca and Abigael Jameson-Caine: A hostile mother-daughter relationship. Francesca wasn't close to her daughter, and she never even told her if Abigael was a love child, an accidental pregnancy or an unwanted spawn.[4] Abigael did not have a good relationship with her mother, because Francesca cast her out for being half-demon. Her mother's hostility is the reason why Abigael despises all witches and is more drawn to the demonic world.

Romantic Life

  • Francesca and Alastor: Their relationship is shrouded in mystery. It is still unknown how the two met and how long their relationship lasted. But at some point after that, Francesca began to hate their daughter Abigael for being like her father and tried to fix her. However, Francesca left beautiful words about love in her potion book, implying that she did not always hate Alastor, and perhaps even continued to love him somewhere deep inside of her.




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