The Fury is an ancient Minoan monster that guards and watches over the Stone of Atreus.


In "Guess Who's Coming to SafeSpace Seattle", Ray Vera was being hunted by the Fury for stealing the Stone of Atreus in Greece. Ray managed to escape each time, but the Fury always caught up wherever he went. He chased him to a motel in Reno, where he reunited with his daughters. When Harry saw the Fury, they escaped back to Seattle.

Ray accidentally uncloaked the cloaking spell on the Vera Manor, allowing the monster to find their location. When it broke in, Maggie tried to fight it with her baton, but instead of suffering from the injury, it reacted by replicating itself. The "two" Furies then followed them up to the attic, where Macy tried to fight them with pyrokinesis, only for them to replicate again. Harry told them about the Stone and how Ray needed to give it back in order to stop the monster. The Fury began to devour Maggie, prompting Ray to run to the front and put the stone into its mouth. The Fury then ceased the attack and left.

Physical Appearance

The Fury was tall, in completely black clothing, sans the white mask. When it removed its mask, it showed a petrified face.

Powers & Abilities

Active Powers
  • Floating: The ability to move about in midair.
  • Replication: The ability to clone oneself or others. The Fury replicated itself each time it suffered an attack, whether physical or magical. It could also absorb its clones to become one again.
  • Sensing: The ability to sense other beings or objects. The Fury was tuned to sense the location of the Stone of Atreus.
  • Supernatural Strength: The ability to exert inhuman physical strength.
  • Swallowing: The ability to devour a living being despite its size.
  • Swirling: The ability to teleport by swirling the body inwards.




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