You are letting your heart lead you astray with a woman who's got the ibi in her.
— Galvin's grandmother warning Galvin about Macy

Galvin's Grandmother is a deceased Haitian priestess.


Early Life

Galvin's grandmother lost an index finger on her left hand when undergoing a dangerous trial performed by the Chiriji to test her courage. She put a Cowrie Shell on Galvin to protect him from demons.

After she passed away, Galvin and Macy reached out to her with Mama Roz's help. Her spirit possessed Mama Roz to communicate with Galvin; she noticed the protection mark was gone and immediately attacked Macy when she realized she had the ibi in her. When Galvin tried to stop her, the woman put Galvin to sleep so that they could talk in the spirit realm without Macy overhearing them. Realizing that Galvin was in love with Macy, she told him what needed to be done in order to free her from the ibi.


Protective of her family and a believer in the supernatural.

Physical Appearance

Galvin's Grandmother is an elderly person with black skin, dark eyes and graying curly black hair. She doesn't have an index finger on her left hand.

Powers and Abilities


  • Spell Casting: Galvin's grandmother cast a spell on Galvin when he was a child, giving him a cowrie shell.
  • Possession: As a spirit, she is able to inhabit other people when she is called to the world of the living.
  • Somnokinesis: Galvin's grandmother is able to induce sleep and manipulate aspects of sleep, such as dreaming.


  • Haitian Creole:[1] She speaks this language well, as does her grandson.



  • Galvin Burdette: She loves her grandson very much and is very protective of him, even trying to harm Macy to protect him from her darkness.




"I brought you here to keep you away from that devil woman. I cannot let her destroy you."

—Galvin's grandmother to Galvin in Manic Pixie Nightmare.

"You are letting your heart lead you astray with a woman who's got the ibi in her."

—Galvin's grandmother to Galvin in Manic Pixie Nightmare.


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