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Don't think we're in Heaven anymore.
— Gideon's catchphrase[src]

Gideon is a fictional character from the TV series known as Heaven's Vice. He, along with his brother, Levi, was the main protagonist sent down from the heavens to protect the world from evil.


Gideon was a main character from the television show Heaven's Vice, along with his brother Levi and love interest, Angelica.

When Macy rewatched the finale episode, she accidentally spilled an Escape Oil on the Wi-Fi router that opened a portal and sent the brothers into the real world. After helping the brothers defeat the vampire, Levi and Gideon began to trust Macy and Harry. They later overheard Macy talking about their world being fictional, and Gideon was very upset by the revelation.

While Levi came to terms with the truth, Gideon wanted to stay in the real world and threw both Macy and Harry through the portal. He then went to The Haunt where he tried to pick up Trishelle, only to be turned away. A fight almost broke with his brother, prompting Mel to freeze the place. Gideon and Levi witnessed Macy and Harry saving the world and Angelica, which Gideon took as a lesson and finally decided to return to his world. He wished both Levi and Angelica happiness before setting off to find his own.


Gideon is a notorious bad boy who likes to show off his masculinity.

Physical Appearance

Handsome and masculine with brown hair streaked with blond at the ends. He wears a thick metal necklace and black leather jacket. He also has a scar on his abdomen.

Powers and Abilities


  • Wing Manifestation: The ability to manifest wings on one's back and make them disappear at will.


  • Combat Skills: Gideon is capable of battling enemies.



  • Gideon and Levi: TBA

Romantic Life



  • Gideon was the name of an Elder and the main antagonist of the sixth season of the original Charmed series. Gideon grew to see Piper's and Leo's firstborn son, Wyatt, as a threat for both good and evil, due to the vast amount of magical powers in his possession, and consistently attempted to kill him, even teamed up with various demons and killed his very assistance, resulting in Leo being forced to vanquish Gideon in order to protect Wyatt. 
  • A minor character named Gideon portrayed by Jack Gillett was introduced in the second season episode, "Breaking the Cycle", as a roommate of Ruby.




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