Godric is an upper-level demon and a Primordial. He acts as an acolyte and righthand man for the Demon Overlord. Initially finding Parker Caine worthy of the role as the Overlord, Godric began working with Parker's half-sister, Abigael Jameson-Caine, after Parker was reunited with Charmed One, Maggie Vera. Later, Godric staged a coup and now, while Abigael and Parker are hiding from the demonic world, he himself is aiming for the place of the Overlord.


Throughout the Series

In "Things to Do in Seattle When You're Dead", Godric has a rat demon kidnap a young witch named Layla Chapman and gather all the demon bloodlines to the Seventh Circle Night Club to represent the "Demon Overlord". During the gathering, he orders his men to start the execution. One of the demons, Callum, refused to bow down to the Overlord for his absence and left. Macy Vaughn infiltrated the club and tried to bluff her way into saving the witch before Mel Vera and Maggie Vera broke in and started attacking while invisible. When the invisibility wore off, Godric realized they were witches. He later reported to the Demon Overlord about the Charmed Ones being alive.

In "Past is Present", Godric appears in a mansion in Switzerland alongside Parker Caine. Maggie Vera and Abigael Jameson-Caine appear at the house to question Parker about a recent attack at Sacred Grove where demons killed the Dryads guarding the place and its magical fruit. Parker had no knowledge of the event, but Godric was the one who sent the troops to steal the fruit in hopes of strengthening Parker's power.
When Abigael was incarcerated as a suspect of attempting to murder her brother, Godric visited her in the dungeon. Their conversation reveals that Godric was the one who convinced Parker to take Abigael's place as the Demon Overlord while Abigael went missing, because he believed a member of the Caine Family would have a convincing influence, and with Parker being a young boy, Godric could control him as his advisor. Abigael convinced him to see how incapable he really is of running the Underworld.
During the interrogation, Godric tortures a group of demons suspected of the Sacred Grove attack, including Abigael. Maggie talks Parker down on the cruel interrogation, forcing Godric to reluctantly agree. As Maggie continues to show persuasive influence over Parker, Godric begins to see things Abigael's way and secretly hands over an enchanted apple to boost her power, allowing her to overpower the Truth Serum that Maggie and Parker dosed in her food. Godric joins forces with Abigael and agrees to assist her in reclaiming her throne.

In "The Rules of Engagement", Godric continues to feign loyalty to Parker while assisting Abigael in her plan to take back her place as the Demon Overlord. After she succeeded, Godric gathers all the demons in the Swiss mansion to celebrate the rise of the new Demon Overlord.

In "Needs to Know", Godric was mentioned by Parker during his verbal confrontation with Abigael.

In "Breaking the Cycle", TBA

In "The Enemy of My Frenemy", TBA

In "Search Party", Godric was mentioned by Abigael during her verbal confrontation with Mel. She wanted to leave her abandoned apartment, afraid that Godric and his henchmen would come to finally finish her off.


Godric is cunning, smart, persuasive with people, and power hungry. He recruited Parker to be the Demon Overlord after seeing Abigael's failure, then switched to her side when Parker showed lack of capability of running the demon world. He later betrayed both when feeling Abigael was going soft towards witches and was not using her status as the Demon Overlord to its full potential, staging a coup and planning on taking the title of Demon Overlord himself.

He is also known for extreme cruelty: he uses torture to force suspects to confess their crimes instead of finding other ways to find the truth. This also means he is not very patient.

Physical Appearance

Godric's human appearance is a black man, appearing to be in his forties in age, with deep black eyes and short black hair. His beard covers both sides of his face, jaw and up to the bottom of his nose. He tends to be seen in business clothing that demonstrates power and authority in the demon world.

Powers and Abilities

Active Powers
  • Pyrokinesis: The ability to create, control and manipulate fire.
    • Heat Generation: The ability to create intense heat in a variety of ways to cause pain to others. This is presumably an expansion of his pyrokinetic ability.
Passive Powers
  • Immortality: The ability to live a potentially eternal life.




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