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Greta is the fiancée of Niko Hamada. They were together when Niko met Mel Vera, and Niko broke up with her when they fell in love.[1] After casting the spell to rewrite history, Niko never met Mel, and so she and Greta stayed together.[2]


Original Timeline

She lived in Lakeview, Michigan and was engaged to Niko. However, Niko was unhappy with their relationship and left her for Hilltowne, Michigan for a relationship with Mel Vera. Although, it's known that Greta still kept in touch with Niko as they hooked up two years later after Niko broke up with Mel for a short period of time.

New Timeline

After Niko's history got rewritten to keep her safe from Hunter Caine, it is assumed that she never broke up with Greta. The couple have gone from town to town per Niko's PI job and they still kept their engagement alive when they moved to Hilltowne.


Greta seems generic although she's supportive and understanding of Niko's job. However she has a jealous side as seem towards Mel as she accused Niko of liking her and even taking off the protective ring off a comatose Niko all because it came from Mel. Furthermore she refused Mel and her sisters a chance to check in on Niko proving herself to be possessive and alluding to Mel's comments Greta had this same personality in the original timeline which was one of the reasons why Niko left.

Physical Appearance

Greta is a caucasian woman in her late 20s to early 30s who dresses in a tomboyish butch lesbain attire contrast to Mel (her fiance's former lover)



  • Greta and Niko: They started dating sometime in the past eventually it's revealed they are engaged.



  • She is a lesbian and the fourth female LGBTQ + character introduced into the series.




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