Half-Demons are a hybrid species of demons and mortals. Unlike pure-blooded demons, half-demons are capable of experiencing emotions, such as love. Because of this, half-demons are capable of choosing to be good, even if the pull of evil is great.


The first of this breed seen is Parker Caine, the son of a powerful demon, Alastor, and his mortal ex-wife, Julia Wagner.

Powers and Abilities

Basic Powers
Active Powers
  • Individual Powers: Half-demons can develop a variety of powers from their demonic heritage. It is possible for them to develop exotic forms of powers due to being born to different species. The nature of this hybridization and how extensive it is currently unknown.


  • Powerful Magic: Half-demons are vulnerable to powerful magic, such as the Power of Three.
  • Supernatural Autoimmune Disease: It is unknown whether or not all half-demons suffer from an autoimmune disease but Parker Caine possesses one due to his demonic half attacking his human half. This gives him a life expectancy of forty years and can be treated with magical gene therapy.

Known Half-Demons



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