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The relationship between Whitelighter, Harry Greenwood and Elder, Charity Callahan.


Early Life

An unknown number of years ago, Harry and Charity began a romantic relationship, despite the Elders' rules of a relationship between a witch and a Whitelighter being forbidden. It is known that at the time of this relationship, she was already a practicing witch, and he was the Whitelighter of both her and her sister, Fiona Callahan. Harry and Charity's relationship came to an end when Fiona was imprisoned within Tartarus by the Elders for befriending the Sarcana, though the Elders led them to believe that Fiona had been institutionalized and committed suicide.

However, Harry and Charity tried to keep business relations through the years, although their old feelings were still not forgotten by them.

Season One

Exorcise Your Demons

They first time appear together. Harry treats Charity with respect, and in their conversation there is awkward. She makes fun of him when she uses muting on him.

Harry accepted with Charity always, but when he realizes that Angela Wu can be saved, he takes the side of Vera sisters and he pleads with Charity to trust too. Elder Callahan agrees to believe them.

After saving Angela, Charmed Ones make fun of Harry, as they realized that something was going on between him and Elder Callahan. He goes off topic and says that they defied orders from the Elders, meaning there will be consequences for their actions.

Bug a Boo


Keep Calm and Harry On

The couple shares a kiss for the first time in many years after their breakup.

Witch Perfect


Switches & Stones


Memento Mori


Red Rain




  • Charity and Harry's forbidden love references Patty Halliwell and Sam Wilder's relationship, as well as Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt's.


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