Good news? I am a healer. No scar.
Harry explaining his power to Maggie Vera

Healing is the power to restore an individual to full health and pristine condition. It seems to be a power exclusive to Whitelighters.


When the power is used, a bright white light shines from the wielder's hand. This power does not seem to require too much focus as Harry Greenwood was able to heal Cam without needing to look at him.[1]

The power may take longer to work when a being is closer to death. When healing Macy Vaughn from near death, Harry seemed to require more time and focus than usual to complete the healing.[2] However, a being that has been struck by deathbolts are unable to be healed from their certain death, as seen when Harry was unable to heal Charity Callahan after she was struck by Fiona's deathbolts.[3] Whitelighters are also unable to heal self-inflicted wounds, as seen when Harry was unable to heal Helen McGantry after she had stabbed herself in the heart.

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  • Like in the original series, healing creates light when used. But unlike the original, the light is white instead of being gold/yellow. This might be the power that gave Whitelighters their name.
  • Unlike in the original series, where it takes a short while for any type of injury, healing is ordinarily near instantaneous.
  • Unlike in the original series, where they required a different power to do so, it appears that Whitelighters could heal their own wounds if they aren't magically protected.[4]
  • Much like the original series, healing cannot heal injuries caused by mental afflictions or self-inflicted wounds.
  • Although not confirmed, it can be presumed that Whitelighters are unable to heal the dead like in the original series. It's been shown that healing a being close to death requires a great amount more of focus and takes longer to complete the process.
  • It has not been shown if healing can repair clothing and other damaged objects like in the original show.



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