Heat Generation is the power to generate intense levels of heat.


The users of this ability are able to create intense heat in a variety of ways to cause pain to others. This power can also be used to inhibit others by increasing their temperatures.

This ability is presumed to be common to queens of Cicada Demons. It is also possible for this ability to be an extension of pyrokinesis.


In "Bug a Boo", Lainey, a queen of a colony of Cicadas, sent her demons out on dates with people who applied to the dating service, AptitudeMatch, in hopes of finding hosts to implant. When Macy Vaughn was kidnapped, her sisters and Whitelighter, Harry Greenwood, came to rescue her and the other victims. Lainey confronted them after Chip was killed. the Charmed Ones cast a vanquishing spell to destroy her and her colony, and though it was working, the queen decided to kill them along with her by heating up the building. Macy then telekinetically flung a control panel to crush her, effectively killing her entire coming and saving everyone.

In "Past is Present", the demon Godric used this ability in order to torture many unknown demons and Abigael Jameson-Caine.

During a confrontation with the Charmed Ones and Abigael in "The Enemy of My Frenemy", Godric incapacipated Abigael and the sisters with this power, allowing his subordinates to place Power Cuffs on Abigael and Mel. However, Parker Caine managed to interviene and escape with Maggie and Macy.

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