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Heidi is a member of Kappa Tau Kappa and a friend of Lucy's.


Heidi became a member of Kappa Tau Kappa and befriended Lucy and Trishelle.

Almost one year after a fire supposedly burned down Vera Manor with the sisters inside it, Heidi runs into Maggie and Jordan at a masquerade Kappa party. Despite the masks, Heidi was able to see through and recognize Maggie, to their dismay. She then tries to tell the partygoers, and later chase after Maggie and Jordan, who successfully dodged her pursuit after running through several stories and hiding in a storage closet.

Physical Appearance

Heidi is a young, fair-skinned woman with light brown eyes. She has brown hair with highlights.



  • Heidi and Lucy: Being a member of the sorority sisterhood, Heidi follows Lucy's orders to a fault.
  • Heidi and Trishelle:



  • Heidi was the second character to appear since season 1. The first being Parker Caine.
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