Helen McGantry's Darklighter was confined in the Tulipe Institute along with her Whitelighter, Helen McGantry. The employees of the asylum were led to believe that she was Helen's sister. The Elders paid the bills to keep the two of them institutionalized. Eventually, Helen's Darklighter escaped from the institute and began searching for her lost love, Daniel Rayburn. Helen would later take her own life to stop her Darklighter, causing the two of them to remerge into one before she died.


Early life

Helen McGantry was the first Whitelighter ever to be created by the Elders, and in doing so created an evil version of herself in the process.

Throughout the Series

In "Deconstructing Harry", Harry found a page in the Book of Elders that detailed Whitelighters, and that they were created at great cost. He later accidentally used a Password Spell to reveal a hidden safe that contained documents from the Tulipe Institute, and travelled there to talk to the patient they described. The patient, Helen McGantry, is in a catatonic state, but violently attacked Harry when he mentioned the Elders. When Harry explained he was not an Elder, Helen calmed down and healed the cut she had placed on his cheek, revealing that she is a Whitelighter. Harry's investigation through Helen's personal belongings led him to discover that she is the first Whitelighter, and that she has a 'sister', who is much more violent than she is - her Darklighter; the 'great cost' for creating Whitelighters.

In "Needs to Know", Darklighter Helen escapes confinement the same time a member of the Faction came to collect her. She killed her kidnappers and escaped while her other half remained. Her only goal was to find the man she once loved, and killed anyone who stood in her way. With Whitelighter Helen's information, Maggie and Harry were able to track her to Plymouth, Massachusetts. She tried to kill Maggie, but Maggie appealed to her human side by telling her about Daniel: the man she loved and lost.

She went back to Seattle with them. Mel and Maggie kept her in a containment spell for extra precaution until Whitelighter Helen begged them to find a way to help them become one again. Maggie lifted the containment spell, but just as Macy mentioned the word 'Elders', Darklighter Helen lost control and tried to choke her. Left with no choice, Whitelighter Helen stabbed herself, causing the two of them to be rejoined and become one again before she died and withered away.


Unlike Helen, whom is noted not to cause any problems, she is noted to be the opposite of that. When Harry went to visit her, she appeared at the door screaming maniacally.

Physical Appearance

She shared a resemblance to Helen McGantry, due to being her Darklighter.



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