Hellflame is magical napalm capable of consuming large amounts of inflammable objects at abnormal speed. Hellflame is green in color.


Hellflame is an extremely dangerous tool, capable of creating an enormous blaze in a matter of minutes. Despite its dangers, Hellflame is also a fuel that can be used to sustain magical incubators, and can be used, in small amounts, to create distractions without causing damage.


In "Other Women", the demonic assassin, Hunter Caine, used hellflame in an attempt to murder Niko Hamada after she discovered Trip Bailey's cabin of evidence. It spread fast throughout the cabin, but Mel Vera was able to save Niko before she could be burned to death.

After the Sarcana released a witch from Tartarus, they discovered that she was weak and wrecked, so the witches used a ritual in "Keep Calm and Harry On" to restore her health, but they did not have enough hellflame to fully restore her. Mel later found a bottle of more hellflame in Alastor's study and gave it to Jada Shields.

In order to retrieve his son, Hunter, from Tartarus in "Source Material", the demon Alastor provided Charity Callahan with a power suit. Under the guise of turning herself in to be imprisoned within Tartarus, Charity was able to use the suit to produce hellflame to kill the two guards and safely navigate into the prison to retrieve Hunter.

When Alastor decided to work with the now-mortal witch Fiona Callahan in order to raise the Source in "Ambush", Charity used a small amount of hellflame to knock back her sister, and used the resulting brief burst of flame to escape before Fiona was able to kill her in order to complete the prophecy of the Apocalypse.


  • ImmunityThe power to be unaffected by certain magical abilities. Hellflame is immune to Temporal Stasis, only slowing down and breaking free in a matter of seconds.



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