Hilltowne University is a college university located in Hilltowne, Michigan

It has a huge presence within the lives of the residents of Hilltowne, especially within the lives of the Charmed Ones. It is victim to many supernatural attacks and has a history with many different magical creatures. 


Supernatural Cases

The university was home to many supernatural cases before the arrival of the Charmed Ones. The sorority on campus, Kappa Tau Kappa, was victim to the hauntings of an angry ghost, a student became the victim of a demonic professor, and a colony of Cicada Demons kidnapped several students to use as hosts for their next generation of demons.

the Charmed Ones and Academia

Marisol Vera worked as a professor at the university since before her eldest daughter, Macy Vaughn, was born and she continued her profession until her death. This meant that her daughters, Mel and Maggie Vera, were constantly surrounded by academia and the community of the school. 

Mel and Maggie would both attend the university. Mel continued her education after graduating and became a teaching aide within her mother's department, while Maggie had only started her freshman year. 

Wanting her family to be whole, Marisol would use magic to make sure that the daughter that she had been forced to abandon would get a job within the university's laboratory. This brought Macy to Hilltowne and began her career as a geneticist at the university. 

Marisol was later murdered, but she was replaced as Head of the Department of Women's Studies by the Charmed One's Whitelighter, Harry Greenwood

Rewriting History

Wanting to protect her girlfriend from the dangers of magic, Mel had her sisters help her with a powerful history rewriting spell to remove Niko from her life and make it as if she and Mel had never met. This had the unintended side effect of Mel losing her job, since it was Niko who made sure she woke up on time to make it to her job interview. Having lost her girlfriend and her job, Mel decided after some time to drop out of Hilltowne and focus on her duties as a witch.

Faculty and Staff

Department of Women's Studies

Department of Genetics

Notable Students


  • The mascot for the university is a Hydra. 
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