Immunity is the power to be unaffected by certain magical abilities, spells and/or potions.


Immunity can be viewed more as a trait than an active power that is suggested to be inherent to some magical entities (or objects).

Several magical species possess immunity to specific powers, such as witches and Whitelighters being immune to being frozen in time, while certain objects, such as Spell Blockers and the fruit from the hallowed tree in Sacred Grove, can grant immunity to all of magic as a whole. However, the fruit comes at a drawback that it can cause paranoia and mania if too much is consumed and it also makes the eater immune to healing magic, and as such unable to be healed should they require it.

Charity Callahan once wore a special suit that gave the wearer immunity and protection against the hostile environment in Tartarus. The suit was given to her by the demon, Alistair Caine, in order to retrieve his son, Hunter Caine, from Tartarus.

Known Users

Original Power
Through spells, artifacts, power stealing, etc

Similar Powers


  • It turned out that immunity can be lost temporarily or permanently with the help of science. For example, Julia Wagner had been working on an unknown experimental treatment to suppress Parker's demon powers. This medication was working, but it took away Parker's immunity to the pixie dust.[2]



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