Incineration is the power to heighten the temperature of an object to destructive levels, causing it to disintegrate until only ash remains.


In Keep Calm and Harry On, when Macy Vaughn tried to stab Alastor with a set of flying keys, he defended himself by burning them to ash.

After killing the guards escorting her to Tartarus in Memento Mori, Alastor burned off the cuffs holding Charity Callahan's wrists, without harming her.

Advanced Incineration

Advanced Incineration, as its title states, is an extremely powerful and advanced form of Incineration. Those who possess this ability are able to completely incinerate an entire being, even those possessing immortality, an enhanced durability, and apparently even the basic form of incineration. After merging with the Source in Red Rain, Macy Vaughn used this power to vanquish the demon Alastor and reduce him to complete ash.

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  • In the original series, Incineration was a rare and powerful ability that, like the name suggests, incinerates someone or something. It was considered to be a highly focused form of pyrokinesis.


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