The Incinti Spell is a spell that seems to send out some sort of force at an intended target. It is used for combatting or subduing an opponent.


It seems that this spell causes some sort of force within the air, capable to knocking beings down or knocking objects out of a target's hands.
If a being is aware enough, it has been shown that this spell can be dodged.


In Bug a Boo, while the Charmed Ones were going after Jada Shields after she had stolen the Scythe of Tartarus, Mel tried to use this spell to attack Jada. Jada easily dodged the spell as it fired off right next to her, causing some sort of disruption within the air.

Maggie Vera later used the same spell in Source Material to knock a weapon out of a mind-controlled Harry's hand, and then channeled the effects of this spell in Red Rain through her staff to knock Charity Callahan down after the former Elder attempted to run away.





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