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Innocents are the mortalswitches, or magical beings that need to be protected from the forces of evil. It's the sisters' task as the Charmed Ones to protect them.

List of Innocents

Season One

Name Episode Being Status
Marisol Vera Pilot Witch Lost; Sent out of Vera Manor's attic window by an unknown force.
Cameron Russo Pilot Mortal Saved; Impaled by shard of ice by the demon, Taydeus, and healed by Harry Greenwood.
Janet Let This Mother Out Mortal Lost; Attacked by the Harbinger of Hell's primordial form and later died in the hospital from the effects of the attack.
Angela Wu Let This Mother Out Mortal Possessed; The Harbinger took control over her.
Cameron Russo Sweet Tooth Mortal Lost; Beheaded by the Harbinger for his blood.
Penelope Schnurr Sweet Tooth Mortal Lost; Murdered by the Harbinger for her blood.
Detective Trip Bailey Exorcise Your Demons Mortal Lost; Killed by a falling pipe during the Harbinger exorcism ritual.
Angela Wu Exorcise Your Demons Mortal Saved; The Harbinger is exorcized from Angela.
Niko Hamada Other Women Mortal Saved; History is rewritten to save her from

a shapeshifter.

Lucy Kappa Spirit Mortal Saved; Haunted by the ghost of Brenda Mancini. Lucy is frozen after she is coerced to jump to her death, then orbed back to the ground. Brenda loses her connection to Lucy after Maggie's heartfelt apology.
Dr. Gregorian Kappa Spirit Mortal Lost; Killed by the shapeshifter, Hunter Caine, when Hunter stole Macy's blood.
Leon Out of Scythe Satyr Saved; His piece of the Scythe of Tartarus is pulled from his body by Parker Caine. He is later healed by Harry Greenwood.
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