Janet[1] was a custodian who was attacked by the Harbinger of Hell and later died from the after effect of the attack.


Janet was cleaning the Hilltowne University's Department of Genetics and practicing German when a glob suddenly materialized on a table. She went to inspect it, and then it attacked her, entered her body temporarily and then left. She ran in panic, telling people what she saw and then hospitalized. Harry Greenwood worried about the secret of magic and went to wipe her memory. However, the after effect of the possession was lethal and she died shortly afterwards.

Physical Appearance

Janet was a white woman in her forties or fifties with long blond hair and brown eyes.



  • Janet seemed to be unfit to be the vessel for the Harbinger which inevitably caused her death. This concept is very similar to the symbiotes in the movie, Venom.


  1. Her name was in the credits of Let This Mother Out.

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