Kappas combine the class of Princess Di with the sass of Duchess Fergie.
— says a young Jenna[src]

Jenna Gordonson is an alum of Hilltowne University and a former president of Kappa Tau Kappa.


President of Kappa Tau Kappa

At some point in the 1980s, Jenna enrolled at Hilltowne University and became a sorority sister, eventually becoming president by her senior year. During her senior year, she became friends with a pledge named Brenda but she soon learned that Brenda was actually cruel and manipulative.

Brenda was a bully to many and had no loyalty to the Kappa girls, having slept with Heather M. and Heather B.'s boyfriends. Jenna left Brenda a voicemail one night, telling her that she was cut from Kappa. Brenda took the voicemail as a prank and arrived to the Aerobics for Alzheimer's fundraiser the next day. Jenna decided to make it clear that Brenda was no longer a Kappa by announcing it on a megaphone, making sure everyone knew Brenda had no ties to Kappa.

The night after, Brenda broke into Kappa to steal her initiation candle and to hang up a banner that said horrible things about the Kappa girls. But Brenda was drunk off of wine coolers and fell off the roof of Kappa house, falling to her death.

After Brenda's death, Jenna tried to cut down drinking on Greek Row which was an unpopular opinion to most. She believed that excessive drinking was the reason why so many Kappa girls were dying the same way Brenda had.

Brenda's Return

Almost thirty years later, Maggie Vera learned that Brenda was still haunting Kappa and was manipulating the current president of Kappa, Lucy. With help from Mel Vera, Maggie performed a spell that allowed her to go back in time and see the moment when Jenna cut Brenda from Kappa.

After some more time investigating, Maggie and Mel decided to visit Jenna in fear that Brenda would manipulate Lucy into killing her. When they arrived, they learned that Jenna was indeed safe and they were able to get the true story from her. With this new information, the two learned that Brenda was going to manipulate Lucy into killing herself the same way she had died.


  • Jenna's name might pay homage to the character of Jenny Gordon, a short-lived character who was the niece of Dan Gordon, a love interest of Piper Halliwell's in season two of the original seried. She was written out of the show when the writers realized that she served no purpose and fans found her annoying.


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