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Jimmy was an assassin who shares a resemblance to Harry Greenwood due to being his Darklighter. He had been attacking and killing witches, and hunting the most powerful of magical creatures, before being placed back in his bottle.

He ultimately met his demise at Harry's hands.


Early Life

When Harry became a Whitelighter, he was split into his White and Darklighter selves. The Darklighter was made non-corporeal and kept contained within a bottle in a Scottish castle until he was released by an unknown force after the deaths of the Elders. Since the deaths of the Elders also brought about the deaths of every Whitelighter except for Harry (whom had his connection with the Elders severed) and Helen McGantry (the first Whitelighter), along with their Darklighter copies, this Darklighter was one of only two in existence.

Throughout the Series

In "Safe Space", he first appeared as a hooded assassin that attempted to kill the Charmed Ones in their house and after briefly fighting them, he managed to hold against the Power of Three and destroy the Book of Shadows. He shot a poisoned arrow into Macy Vaughn's leg before she escaped with her sisters through a portal. Harry Greenwood stayed behind to slow the assassin down. Harry managed to pull off the assassin's hood to reveal that the two of them look exactly alike before the assassin killed Harry with a blade who later resurrects.

In "Things to Do in Seattle When You're Dead", he found out about Ray Vera's untimely passing and hid in the cemetery during the funeral ritual, hoping to catch the Charmed Ones. As expected, Maggie Vera showed up, and he tried to pass off as Harry to get to her sisters. She realized he was a fake and tried to fight him off, but he easily beat her. He had her at chokepoint, demanding that she take him to her sisters if she wants to live. Mel Vera showed up under the effect of an invisibility potion and attacked him from behind with a shovel, and they escaped, much to his dismay.

In "Deconstructing Harry", Mel, Macy, Maggie, and Abigael found their way to the Darklighter's lair where he captured and contained dozens of magical creatures, such as Kyons, Banshees and Griffins. Once they were all released, the Darklighter appeared in front of them posing as his good self and took Macy. Meanwhile, the real Harry went off to find the first Whitelighter, Helen McGantry, and found out that she had a Darklighter as well, which ultimately led to his own realization.

In "The Truth about Kat and Dogs", it is revealed that the Darklighter has taken Macy to Tribeca, New York. Harry does not believe that Macy is in immediate danger, as the Darklighter has feelings for Macy just like he does.

In "When Sparks Fly", TBA

In "Needs to Know", Harry learns from Helen that Whitelighters cannot kill their Darklighter counterparts, and vice versa. He soon comes to the realization that this must mean that his counterpart is still out there.

In "Breaking the Cycle", Jimmy visits Harry in a dream through the use of Darklighter poison, where he leads him and Abigael to Maine. However, they do not find the Darklighter there. Later, Harry uses the poison again to communicate with Jimmy and realizes that his Darklighter is in danger.

In "Sudden Death", through the use of the Darklighter poison, Harry is able to get glimpses of a facility from his Darklighter. Harry and Mel later make their way to the facility where Jimmy had been holding the various magical creatures in "Deconstructing Harry". There, the two realize that some type of monster had been made through the experiments of the Faction.
Later, Harry and Mel find their way to a new facility, Harry almost immediately realizing that this was the facility from his visions and where his Darklighter is being kept. Entering the facility, Harry began hearing his Darklighter's voice in his head and finds him in the bottle he was previously contained in. After Mel accidentally released the monster, the bottle was almost crushed before the two of them were able to fend off the monster. They then take the bottle back to the Command Center, keeping the Darklighter locked up until further notice.

In "Unsafe Space", the Faction closes in on the Command Center, where Jimmy is stored. Knowing they could not leave him there, the group sneaks into the Command Center via Ruby's marble. Celeste performs a binding spell to trap the Darklighter. Unexpectedly, Jimmy unleashes a powerful blast that knocks Macy unconscious. In a moment of worry, Harry accidentally breaks the circle around him, causing Jimmy to take full form and attempt to escape through a portal. Ruby is able to subdue him long enough for Harry to knock him out. He has then been trapped.

In "An Inconvenient Truth", Jimmy is bound and trapped in the Vera Manor's attic. Mel is annoyed Jimmy won't break giving what they need to win against Julian. Maggie has thought. They can give Jimmy him hope and release him for his help in exchange for a new life where nobody will know him as an Darklighter. He agrees to the idea and before they give him the Clarion Potion he nabs Julian and orbs him to The Charmed Ones. Jimmy is taken to England after he drinks the potion where he's found sleeping on a park bench. He tells an officer his name and that he is a good man. The officer instantly believes him, thanks to the potion and offers to get Jimmy to safety.

In "Triage", Jimmy is seen at his new florist job in London when magic is dying when suddenly he gets an flashbacks of him attacking and uprooting the Charmed Ones lives. He has an refilled desire for vengeance and decides to kill Harry. He appears in the Commander Center where he duels Harry who he loses to.


Despite being the other half of Harry Greenwood, he shares no resemblance in personality with him. Macy described him as being bold, selfish and charming. She also said that he was twisted and tortured by what had happened to himself and Harry.

According to Harry, the Darklighter shares his feelings for Macy, and is all inner desires. As shown with the Darklighter when he had Macy, he was very forward with her, and was tempted to follow with her plan to get Abigael Jameson-Caine instead of the Charmed Ones for his master so he could be with her, but was willing to kill Macy when she dropped the ruse and tried to escape him.

Physical Appearance

Due to being a fractured half of Harry Greenwood, they share the exact same physical features.

Powers & Abilities


Active Powers
  • Black Orbing: Jimmy had the ability to teleport through a black, smoky form of orbing.
  • Conjuration: Jimmy had the ability to conjure his fire grenades.
  • Supernatural Strength: Jimmy is supernaturally strong; when he punched Harry, the punch also threw him a considerable distance.
Passive Powers
  • Immortality: Like their counterparts, Darklighters are unaging and have a potentially limitless lifespan. However, as magic was slowly dying, he became vulnerable to death, and ultimately died at the hands of his Whitelighter self.
    • Self-Resurrection: The ability to come back to life upon being killed. Just as Harry did when the Darklighter killed him, Jimmy woke up in his grave after being killed by his good counterpart.
  • Resistance: Darklighters have an incredibly high resistance to magic. Jimmy was capable of resisting the Power of Three, fighting through the Charmed Ones' containment.


  • Combat skills: This assassin has high-level combat capabilities and keen reflexes.


  • Darklighter Poison: A mysterious, powerful green poison. After being shot by a poisoned dart, Macy slowly began to lose consciousness and would have likely died if the poison hadn't been transferred by Harry Greenwood. However, after transferring the poison into himself, Harry's powers became unusable. He became unable to orb and couldn't heal another witch of the same poison, causing the witch to die. Jimmy has been able to use the poison to enter into people's dreams and manipulate them. However, it seems that he can only access the dreams of those that have been inflicted by the poison. Even after Macy had been healed of the poison, the Darklighter was still able to get into her dreams, where he tried to summon Macy back to her home and tried to seduce her.[3] He was later able to use the poison to get into Harry's dreams, where he told his Whitelighter counterpart to meet him in Foster Island.[4]
  • Fire Grenades: Jimmy has been shown using handheld fire weapons that are capable of incinerating anything in their path. He used these weapons to attack the Charmed Ones in the Vera Manor and was able to destroy the Book of Shadows with one of these.
  • Various Blades/Knives: He carries multiple sharp blades and knives, which he throws at his opponents.
  • Crossbow: He has a miniature crossbow in which he uses to shoot his poisoned darts/bullets.
    • Poisoned Darts/Bullets: The assassin is equipped with darts or bullets that are tipped in Darklighter poison.
  • Power Stone: Jimmy used one of these stones to neutralize Macy's power while holding her in New York.
  • Binding Rope: Jimmy used this to bind Macy's hands.
  • Watch: Jimmy used this to cloak his apartment and paralyze Harry.


  • Jimmy was the first Darklighter depicted in the reboot series. In the original series, Darklighters were a common threat. However, they did not resemble their Whitelighter counterparts. A full origin for Darklighters was never given, and it was never revealed how they came to be, though their priorities were to kill Whitelighters and mortals with potential to become Whitelighters.




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