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Judd was a film major student at Hilltowne University who was indirectly murdered by his classmate, Zack, using the pixie, Chloe.


Judd was magically enchanted by Chloe, a pixie who was being controlled by Zack. Chloe tried to convince Judd to drop out of class to go on a tour with her. When he refused, she influenced him with pixie dust to jump off a building with her. Judd live-streamed the whole event as it happened and he plummeted to his death while Chloe flew away.

His body was found on shore the next morning. One of his classmates, Noah, found the clip and showed it to others, which led Parker to inform Maggie about the situation.


Judd was dedicated to his work.

Physical Appearance



"How can it be that we just met? I am utterly captivated by you, Chloe."

—Judd to Chloe in Manic Pixie Nightmare.

"Don't you see? You've inspired me. When I'm with you... I feel like I can do anything."

—Judd's last words in Manic Pixie Nightmare.





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