Julian Shea was a tech guru turned social activist and a major investor in SafeSpace, Seattle. He has an unexpected boldness and forms a bond with Macy Vaughn, and they later enter a relationship.

Due to a traumatic accident during his childhood, Julian created the Shea Group and The Faction to study magic, hoping he could find a cure for his sister.


Early Life

As a child, Julian's parents died in a car crash, and his sister Rosemary was seriously injured and has since been in an coma. After this tragedy, Julian has been placed under the guardianship of his aunt Vivienne Laurent. His aunt was a very caring guardian, but as Julian got older, for unknown reasons, she began to interfere with all sorts of his romantic relationships, and at some point Julian noticed this.[2]

When he was younger, he spent his entire allowance on a sweater just because he thought it looked cool.[3]

Throughout the Series

In "Guess Who's Coming to SafeSpace Seattle", Julian shows up when Macy Vaughn filled in for her sister, Maggie Vera. He didn't automatically introduce himself to Macy. She later learned that he was the major investor in SafeSpace, Seattle. After he spoke with the workers at SafeSpace, he revealed that he was planning on excavating under ground where the Command Center was. Macy then proceeded to invite him to dinner.
During the dinner, Macy made excuses for him to not dig up SafeSpace and then ended up putting a potion in his drink but she stopped him from drinking it. When she needed to get him clean, they headed to SafeSpace where they talked about her previous job. As they were talking, they were spotted by Macy's sister, Mel Vera, and Whitelighter Harry Greenwood.

In "Curse Words", Julian texts Macy from Aspen, Colorado, inviting her to come and sending plane tickets. Later, after an argument with Harry, Macy opens a portal to Aspen and went to Julian.

In "Dance Like No One is Witching", Macy spends time with him in Aspen where she meets his aunt, Vivienne Laurent. Later, Macy returns to Seattle for an infected Harry. Julian's aunt forces Macy to break up with him since that's the only way to get the tech to save Harry's life Macy agrees to it. However, the next morning, Julian sees Macy during a meeting and excuses himself for a moment to talk with her. He revealed that he knows that Macy was forced into breaking up with him by his aunt, who has meddled in his relationships before, so he asks Macy to give him an second chance while he deals with his aunt to which she agrees to and the two of them share a kiss, which is witnessed by Harry.

In "Needs to Know", Julian was mentioned by Macy when she talked about the complexity of the romantic relationships and about her failed attempts to regain her witch powers. Macy called him her "drop of joy".

In "Sudden Death", Macy is trying to figure out how to sever the connection between Harry and his Darklighter but is not having success. Julian comes and offers to help her, even though he thinks Harry is just sick. Julian offers Macy a chance to work with him, but she does not say no or yes. Macy comes up with an idea to merge Harry with his Darklighter after talking with Julian.

In "The Enemy of My Frenemy", TBA

In "Search Party", TBA

In "Don't Look Back in Anger", TBA

In "Unsafe Space", TBA

In "An Inconvenient Truth", Julian puts out a video asking for Macy under the pretense that she has disappeared. Macy intends to use a potion that will convince him and everyone around him that magic isn't real. After the Charmed Ones kidnap Julian, he explains that he saw Rosemary come to with his own eyes thanks to black amber. However, Macy discovers that Vivienne had duped Julian, due to the fact that black amber has been ineffective this whole time. Rosemary was brought back due to a sedative Vivienne gave her, which caused an inverse reaction and temporarily woke her from her coma. After realizing his aunt's betrayal, Julian turns on her and decides to help Macy and her sisters bring Vivienne down once and for all.

In "Someone's Going to Die", Julian disguises himself as Nadia in an attempt to infiltrate the Faction. He attempts to retrieve a prism to give the Charmed Ones, however Vivienne catches him before he can do so. Julian calls her out on her lies, but Vivienne petrifies half of him and leaves him for dead. Harry and Macy arrive soon after, and despite Harry's attempts to heal Julian, he passes away soon after. His death, along with Vivienne is reported as a lab accident.


Julian is a creative and a very straightforward person. He likes non-standard thinking people who are focused on science and art. Julian also has a good sense of humor.

It was also shown that he cares very much about his sister and all of humanity, as he wanted to get all magic to help people and save lives. However, he changed his mind about appropriating all the magic when he realized that his aunt had deceived him and black amber was not able to heal diseases. Julian was also shocked by Vivienne's insanity and her desire to take all magic for herself, even if it meant killing innocents. On his deathbed, Julian apologized to Macy for what he had done and was able to die in peace when he received her apology and forgiveness in return.

Physical Appearance

Julian was a handsome dusky man, appearing to be in his forties in age, with deep brown eyes and wavy black hair. He prefers to wear a mustache and a little goatee beard.


  • Scientific Knowledge: Julian has an aptitude for science and possesses great knowledge on a range of scientific fields.


Romantic Life





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