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I know this witchy stuff isn't for everyone, but there's more to the universe than we can explain.
— Katrina to Mel [src]

Katrina Chandra is a practitioner of witchcraft and a medium. She was the owner of the shop, Spellbound Botanica, in SafeSpace, Seattle. However, she left the key to her shop with Mel Vera, wanting some time away for herself after the revelation of her ability to communicate with the dead.


Throughout the Series

In "Safe Space", Kat was in her shop when Mel Vera entered. Kat went to help her, assuming that she was a customer but Mel was really searching for a phone to use. After lending her phone, Mel promised to come back and buy something, prompting Kat to tell her that magic might not be for everyone but there's more to the universe than people can explain.

In Things to Do in Seattle When You're Dead, TBA


Kat is a friendly person.

Physical Appearance

Kat is an attractive young Malaysian woman with shoulder-length brown hair.

Powers and Abilities

  • Mediumship: The ability to communicate with the spirits of the deceased. Katrina had said that she could hear Marisol Vera speaking to her.


  • TBA


Romantic Life





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