Kyons, also known as Skincrawlers, are magical creatures that are vicious hunters. They are led by a Queen.


Kyons eat whatever is slowest. These beasts are blind as ants, however they have an enhanced hearing that allows them to hear movements more clearly. In order to go undetected by a Kyon, one must remain absolutely still. Kyons have a distinctive growl that sounds more like shrieking. Although, these beasts normally keep to themselves, far away from humans.


In "Deconstructing Harry", The Charmed Ones and Abigael Jameson-Caine came across a Kyon when they went in search of the Darklighter who attacked them. They escaped the Kyon, then used the antler they found in a cave to find the queen. Mel, connected to the queen at the time, freed her. The queen expressed gratitude before leaving.


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