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I don't know about you, ladies, but I consider myself a queen.
— Lainey hinting at her true nature as the queen for a colony of Cicada Demons

Lainey was the queen of a colony of Cicada Demons who used a dating service called AptitudeMatch to locate victims who would be used to gestate the next generation of demons. She was crushed to death with heavy machinery by Macy Vaughn after the vanquishing spell did not take immediate effect, killing her entire colony along with her.


Lainey sent her demons out on dates with people who applied to the dating service in hopes of finding hosts to implant her eggs. When Macy Vaughn was kidnapped, her sisters and Whitelighter, Harry Greenwood, came to rescue her and the other victims. Lainey confronted them after Chip was killed. the Charmed Ones cast a vanquishing spell to destroy her colony, and though it was working, albeit very slowly, the queen decided to use her ability to generate heat to kill them along with her. Macy then telekinetically flung a control panel to crush her, effectively killing her entire colony along with her and saving everyone.

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  • Lainey was the first demon to be killed by other means than the Power of Three despite necessity. Although, it could be viewed that since the sisters had already cast the fumigation spell, Macy just finished her off.
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