Lawrence Mortimer Chase is an ancestor of Jordan Chase. He is the one responsible for the curse placed upon the males of the Chase family.


Lawrence's father was a committed barley and grain farmer, and lived his days devoted to the land more than his own family, often absent at home. His mother was a Christian woman, who imbued Lawrence with the desire to rid the world of evil from a very young age. When his mother would act as the disciplinarian of their small-town community's code of conduct, Lawrence would often help his mother as she rapped wrists with rulers, forced naughty children to go without food or stand out in the cold until the risk of frostbite became too high. These corporal punishments would do much to shape how Lawrence viewed the world and his responsibility to judge those that lived in it with him.

Lawrence would grow up as a farmer and become known as the Witchfinder General in the nineteenth century. He would father a son named Rudolph when he was 22 years old. Most notably, he was responsible for igniting the Great Fire of 1889 when he burnt down the Tulipe Women's Asylum in Seattle, Washington, which was believed to be inhabited by witches. The fire destroyed much of Seattle's commercial and arts district. As it moved over the next few days, it ate through much of the financial district, and well into several residential area, death and destruction in its wake. During the fire, Lawrence was cursed by the dying breath of a witch, Florence, when he proceeded to decimate her entire coven and stole her ring. He would die of an "accidental death" at the age of twenty-five.

Throughout the Series

Season 2

In "When Sparks Fly", Lawrence is shown in a newspaper when Maggie Vera is researching the Chase family.

In "Past is Present", Maggie stole Jordan Chase's sport wristband containing his sweat residue as required for a spell that would reveal what type of magic was present in him. It revealed that he was cursed by the dying breath of a witch. Later, after Harry Greenwood cloned Jordan's family ring and stole the original, Macy Vaughn performed a spell to reveal the most significant moment of the ring's history. It revealed that Lawrence was cursed by Florence after sentencing her to death. The curse seemingly caused all the males in Chase's family to pass away before their 26th birthday.

In "Third Time's the Charm", Lawrence was personified using Jordan's appearance during the Charmed Ones' magically induced nightmares.

Season 3

In "No Hablo Brujeria", Jordan and Marcy spelled into a magical dimension focusing on Jordan's repressed thoughts and memories by Josefina Reyes. Jordan's curse collides with the spell's magic and it begins to become destabilized. To escape they must get the keys to the exit of the realm. After getting the first key from Jordan's ex high school girlfriend. They learn the second person who has the key is a guy in weird clothes. Eventually, Jordan sees him after reliving a war memory and chases after Lawrence to the auditorium of his old high school. There, after revealing his frustrations, Lawrence and Florence appear. Florence begs Jordan to save her. Jordan immediately fights his ancestor and eventually comes out victorious, but refuses to kill him at Florence's urging however he disowns Lawrence as a ancestor since it was his actions who doomed the family. As Jordan vows to make the next generation of Chases better. Florence undoes her curse on Jordan and all future boys who will be born into his family.


Not much is know about his personality, but it is known that Lawrence had a corrupted moral compass throughout life, imbued into him by his mother. While he did want to make the world a good place, he went through with his plans in the wrong way and had little to no qualms about punishing or killing people whom he thought deserved it for being ‘evil.’

Physical Appearance

Lawrence was a middle age man wearing a traditional suit and tie.




  • In Lawrence's online article that Maggie read in "Past is Present", it is stated that he died of an "Accidental Death." However, in his son Rudolph's article, it is stated that he fell ill.



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