Layla Chapman is an eighteen-year-old witch. Her aunts, Mary Chapman and Kara Willis, owned the bed-and-breakfast, Mary's Magickal, in Vermont before they were killed.


In "Things to Do in Seattle When You're Dead", Layla was kidnapped by a Rat Demon on her way to visit her aunts and taken to the Seventh Circle Night Club in Colton, Oregon, infested solely with demons. She was to be executed in the center of the club as demonstration for the divided demons to come together and wage war against witches all over the world. Macy was able to save her with help from Mel, Maggie, and Harry. Harry brought her home after the rescue.

In "The Rules of Engagement", Layla is seen back at the Command Center when Maggie returns. She has a wound on her side that Harry is healing. She explains that after the Sacred Grove massacre, she and a few other witches got together to attempt to guard the magical community from attacks. However, they were ambushed, and while Layla managed to escape, her comrades were taken by demons. She is not seen again after that, but it can be assumed that she returned home.



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