Leo Rano is a Canadian actor, who portrayed Callum in the second season of Charmed.


Leo was born and raised into a big and traditional Italian family. His love for acting began when he was first introduced to soap operas by his grandmother soon after he took his first steps. His first role ever came in his early high school years, at the age of 14 when he played the role of Mercutio in Romeo and Juliette during a public community event.

Leo then studied Cinema and Communication at Dawson College where he filmed, wrote and starred in many student films. The Theatre and Development program at Concordia University followed. Once he was done with school, quickly found himself lead roles in many short films around the city.

Now he is living and working out of Vancouver.



  • Leo Rano has sectoral heterochromia (his left eye is blue and right eye is blue with speckled brown pigment).

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