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Oh, brother.
— Levi's catchphrase[src]

Levi is a fictional character from the television show known as Heaven's Vice. Like his brother, Gideon, he played the role of an angel sent down from heaven to protect the world from evil.


Levi was a main character from the show Heaven's Vice, along with his brother, Gideon, and love interest, Angelica.

When Macy rewatched the finale episode, she accidentally spilled an Escape Oil on the Wi-Fi router that opened a portal and sent the brothers into the real world. After helping the brothers defeat the vampire, Levi and Gideon began to trust Macy and Harry. They later overheard Macy talking about their world being fictional, and Levi was very upset by the revelation.

He eventually came to terms with the truth, but Gideon wanted to stay in the real world, prompting Mel to go after them after Gideon trapped both Macy and Harry in their world. Levi praised Macy for defeating the main antagonist without killing herself in the process before returning to their world, where he ended up with Angelica.


Levi is the "good cop" to Gideon's "bad cop". As polar opposite to his brother's bad boy attitude, Levi is responsible, true to his duty as protector of Earth and believes in justice. Like Maggie, Levi is a man of emotions and can understand that sex is not always about the physical, a lesson that Maggie learns from him.

Physical Appearance

Broad shoulders and physique with dark blond hair. Similar to the Elders, Levi's choice of outfit color is white; he wears a white hoodie, trousers, and a T-shirt with 00 embedded on it.

Powers and Abilities

Active Powers

  • Wing Manifestation: The ability to manifest wings on one's back and make them disappear at will.



Romantic Life



  • Levi knows Romanian, though he seemed to have grown rusty with it over the years.




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