Life Force Absorption is the power to absorb the life out of other beings to sustain or rejuvenate oneself. It has been shown that the effect of this power is typically slow, and if uncompleted, the victims will only be severely weakened or left in a comatose state. When the victims are completely drained, this power will lead to their death.
This ability can also be used to resurrect someone in exchange for the life of another, though this requires the appropriate ritual, tools, and knowledge. It may also require a steady intake of multiple life forces in order to resurrect only one.


The demon, Taydeus, was said to have drained the life force of women to sustain his own life. Before the events of "Pilot", he used this power on Angela Wu. The effect of the power was slow, and Angela lay in a coma for several months, moving toward death. Even after Taydeus was vanquished by the Charmed Ones, Angela was not able to wake up on her own (only being possessed by the Harbinger caused her to come out of the coma).

In "Dance Like No One is Witching", at a private event hosted by a group of individuals that know of the existence of magic, a shaman was able to perform a ritual with his staff to absorb the life forces of nearly all of the patrons, after they were zombified by a special drug made from Darklighter poison, in order to revive the corpse of an unknown man loaded with black amber. The effect of this was near instantaneous and exhausted mortals fell severely weakened.
When Maggie Vera defeated the shaman and broke his staff, the absorption of life forces stopped. However, the absorbed life forces managed to resurrect the unknown man who was taken by Nadia and her comrades, while the Charmed Ones resuscitated the drained Jordan Chase. Perhaps, due to the fact that the absorption process was interrupted by the Charmed Ones, the resurrected man was not recovered completely and, while in the car and alive, he was shaking with small convulsions.

Known Users

Original Power

Through spell, artifact, power stealing, etc.
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