Light Negation is the power to nullify light.


This ability seems to be common to Shadow Demons. While in his shadow form, Parker Caine was able to cancel out any and all light in his vicinity, causing blackouts to an entire building or even snuffing out the flame from candles. Not in shadow form, Parker seemed to be able to use this ability more directly, negating the light in specific objects without causing complete blackouts.


In "Out of Scythe", Parker Caine used this power while in his shadow form to cause blackouts when he went after the shards of the Scythe of Tartarus. He would cause a building to blackout and then used the darkness to attack the sentinels and retrieve the shards.

Parker later used this ability in "Keep Calm and Harry On" to blackout the cameras in his father's office, so that they could retrieve the paint can containing the Harbinger of Hell without being caught.

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