Lure of Agememnon is a ritual to draw out demonic activity within a twenty mile radius.

Mel Vera wanted to find a way to draw out the Harbinger of Hell, and the Book of Shadows opened to this entry. Since the spell required sacrificing a goat, she discarded the idea.[1]

Book of Shadows Entry

To locate and draw demonic activity out of the shadows.

The spell can locate demonic activity up to a 26 mile radius of the center. Up to 666 miles if the spell is cast during the blue moon, super moon and eclipse.

Once spell is cast, make sure that sacrificed goat's blood is at a 295 Kelvir.


  1. Tie to a tree 1 live goat. Goat must be alive, heart still beating.
  2. In one swipe, sever the carotid artery and jugular vein.
  3. Let blood set free of foreign objects that effect viscosity.
  4. Grind --- into powder, sprinkle in papyrus roll.
  5. Bury --- papyrus roll into a --- bath.
  6. Sprinkle ash into goat's blood.
  7. Place --- down into blood ---
  8. Wait until --- absorb all --- and chant the following:


Excita spirit Agememnon
Malo conjungere vire procul
Daemones ferre fructum
Excita Spiritus
Et dicet acendens
Temebras animarum


1x --- Goat blood
5x Ostraka
6x --- Ox peckers
1x Papyrus roll