This is a page that tracks the power(s) and development of Macy Vaughn. This does not include any powers gained through unusual circumstances.

Season One

Episode Episode Name Power Development
1x01 Pilot Telekinesis Power is unbound and manifests through anger. Later learns how to use this power intentionally. Can move her sisters without seeing them by using the Power of Three.
1x03 Sweet Tooth Telekinesis Channels power through her hand for the first time through pure instinct.
1x05 Other Women Telekinesis Able to fire a telekinetic force bolt from her hands, capable of blasting Harry out a room and into a wall.
1x09 Jingle Hell Telekinesis Able to lift and control multiple shards of glass at once.
1x12 You're Dead to Me Telekinesis Able to stop a person's heart by pinching a specific artery to slow down blood flow.
1x14 Touched by a Demon Telekinesis Mentioned to have uncontrollably levitated the bed during sex with Galvin. Channels power through her hands intentionally for the first time.
1x15 Switches & Stones The Evil Sight After touching a rune in the Vortex Viribus, her powers amplified allowing her to see through the eyes of evil and even remotely perceive evil events, including those that have occurred in the past or present.