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The relationship between witch, Macy Vaughn and Whitelighter, Harry Greenwood.

Throughout the Series


They first met when Harry kidnaps the Charmed Ones. He is revealed to be their Whitelighter and gives them a choice to accept their destiny as witches or become mortal humans without any memory of magic intervention.

Harry was surprised by Macy's methods to defeat demons with the help of science, but he didn't mind.

After destroying Taydeus, Charmed Ones take Spirit Board out and try to see if it works, right away wanting to try to contact with their mother, asking if she is there. It straightaway responds by saying not to trust their new Whitelighter, Harry.

Let This Mother Out

Macy and her sisters are warned by the spirit of Marisol Vera not to trust Harry and he tries to investigate the demon attack that occurred after the death of Taydeus while the girls are plotting against him. Macy hides from Harry the traces which are found in the laboratory, but she wants to trust him and offers to use the Truth Serum. However, her distrust increases when she finds out that the custodian died sometime after Harry's visiting.

In a private conversation, she mixes the serum in Harry's tea. The serum was to be used to determine whether or not Harry was a trustworthy person, but it was instead accidentally given to Niko Hamada, who felt compelled to tell everyone what she thought of them.

Later, it is revealed that a spirit was attempting to deceive the girls. Macy believes Harry's words and Harry helps with defeating this imposter demon.

Macy and her sisters feel they have lost their mother all over again, as Harry agrees that this demon-fighting business can take its toll on emotions. Harry says he didn't kill the custodian, but whatever the demon left behind had a fatal effect on her. Macy shows him what she found at the lab, he takes the sample with him, saying they now have a shared calendar and witch training starts tomorrow, telling them to be prompt and ready.

Later, Harry suddenly teleports in and he tells them that the black blob Macy found is from the Harbinger of Hell.

Sweet Tooth

Harry begins to make magic simulations for training the Charmed Ones when the girls appear to have problems. He was unhappy due to the fact that Macy keeps getting in her own head.

In the end, Macy reveals that she’s a virgin and this fact surprises for Harry and her sisters.

Whitelighter and the Charmed Ones discover that Angela Wu is the Harbinger and later they attempt to capture it by binding it with a spell that fails because of Maggie. Despite Harry’s warning, a very desperate Mel uses a dangerous spell from their simulation. The spell takes Angela down but knocks Macy out, though luckily, Harry is able to heal her right away.

Exorcise Your Demons

When Harry realizes that Angela Wu can be saved, he takes the side of Vera sisters and he pleads with Charity Callahan to trust too.

After saving Angela, Macy and her sisters make fun of Harry, as they realized that something was going on between him and Elder Callahan. He goes off topic and says that they defied orders from the Elders, meaning there will be consequences for their actions.

Other Women


Kappa Spirit

Macy claims to have seen a suspisious mark on Galvin Burdette, after realizing that Summer is not a succubus. Maggie is unable to see the mark, but Macy sees it everytime Galvin lifts his shirt up. While Macy was at work, Galvin mentions something about a party, and she invites herself in knowing that Summer will be there. From there, Macy fails at baking a pie, and Harry is invited to accompany her, bringing a British snack.

Out of Scythe


Bug a Boo


Jingle Hell


Keep Calm and Harry On


Witch Perfect


You're Dead to Me


Manic Pixie Nightmare


Touched by a Demon


Switches & Stones


Memento Mori




The Replacement


Source Material




Red Rain


The Source Awakens


Safe Space

After the Charmed Ones are attacked by an unknown assailant (later revealed to be Harry Greenwood's Darklighter) and the Book of Shadows is destoyed, a portal opens up. Harry holds off the assailant and tells Macy to jump through the portal, though Macy initially refuses to leave Harry. Eventually, she jumps, but not before the assailant shoots a green dart into her leg.

Harry is initially killed by the assailant, but is quickly revived (as Darklighters can't kill Whitelighters and vice versa). He finds the Charmed Ones in Seattle and attempts to heal Macy, but the Darklighter's poison transfers from her system to his, weakening him. Macy initially doesn't wake up, but eventually she does, relieving her sisters and Harry.

Things to Do in Seattle When You're Dead

Macy and Harry go on a road trip to The Seventh Circle Club, in an attempt to save Layla Chapman, a young witch. Harry tells Macy about his Darklighter, and tells her to be cautious, as the Darklighter could easily imitate Harry at any time.

Deconstructing Harry


The Truth about Kat and Dogs

Abigael helps Harry look into his memories as James, in an attempt to find Macy, who had been kidnapped by the Darklighter. Meanwhile, Mel and Maggie cast a forbidden spell to find their sister, which requires something she dreads, something she denies, and something she desires. After getting the spell wrong twice, they find a picture of Harry in Macy's room, and realize he's all three of them. Mel and Maggie cast the spell with the drawing, it works, and they find Macy's location: Tribeca, New York.

At the command center, Harry tells Mel and Maggie that Macy is not in danger, because the Darklighter has feelings for her. When Mel asks how he knows that, Harry says it's because he also has feelings for Macy.

When Sparks Fly


Past is Present


The Rules of Engagement


Curse Words


Guess Who's Coming to SafeSpace Seattle


Dance Like No One is Witching


Needs to Know


Search Party

Macy rehearses her breaking-up speech for Julian to her sisters, because she is finally starting to have feelings for Harry. Later, Macy, Maggie and Jordan go to a gala on a quest to find Harry, who had been kidnapped by the Faction. They rescue him, and later, Macy decides to confess her feelings to Harry, but once she's done, Harry asks who she is, revealing he has lost his memory.

Don't Look Back in Anger

Macy tries to restore Harry's memory by creating a Lost Memory Balm. However, the balm hits Macy instead, causing her to experience a lost memory, which reveals she had met Harry before. A classmate in college had sexually harassed her, causing her to accidentally unleash her demonic powers. Her father Dexter invited Marisol to talk with her, then Harry showed up to erase her memory, so that she wouldn't remember. Eventually, Jordan realized that the reason the Lost Memory Balm didn't work on Harry was because the Faction had implanted a Memory Blocking Chip into his head. Jordan removes it, and Harry gets his memories back and heals Macy.

Later, Macy invites Harry to dance with her, which leads to the pair sharing their first kiss.

Unsafe Space




  • Macy was the first person that orbed along with Harry in the series.
  • It was hinted throughout the latter half of the first season that Harry has feelings for Macy.
    • In "The Source Awakens", Macy unwittingly hears Harry's thoughts during her brief stint as the The Source of All Evil. Whatever she hears seems to make her a little uneasy and when she reveals to Harry that she can read thoughts now, he seems self-conscious but neither of them directly address what she heard. Later on, after the Source's power has been removed from her, the two of them are briefly alone together in the cemetery. Harry informs her that it's a "gross violation to read [her] Whitelighter's private thoughts" to which Macy asks if he'd like to discuss what she overheard. Harry seems to consider this for a moment before telling her they should just pretend it never happened.
  • It has been revealed in the second season that Harry indeed does have feelings for Macy, and it was also revealed later in the season that Macy has feelings for him.
    • In "The Truth about Kat and Dogs", Mel and Maggie Vera go looking for Macy's journal in attempt to discern what their sister desires. When they find a drawing Macy's done of Harry, Mel and Maggie realize that Harry is, in fact, Macy's "secret desire" as well as the thing she also dreads and denies herself. This is confirmed when they perform the Absum Veri Spell over the drawing of Harry and the spell works. Later, Harry informs Mel and Maggie that he believes Macy is not in any danger at the moment because his Darklighter, Macy's captor, has feelings for her. When Mel asks Harry how he knows that, Harry admits he knows because he has feelings for Macy as well.
    • In "Search Party", Macy realizes, despite being in a relationship with Julian Shea, that she has feelings for Harry. She decides to admit these feelings to him, but at the same time, Harry had amnesia and didn't remember who Macy was.
  • In "Don't Look Back in Anger", Macy and Harry kissed for the first time during a slow dance.

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