Well... Whitelighters... they don't age, right? So eventually... she'll catch up to you. She'll even surpass you. You'll be wheeling her around with a drool cup around her chin, so there.
Jordan Chase describes the future of this relationship in Yew Do You

The relationship between witch, Macy Vaughn and Whitelighter, Harry Greenwood. Harry falls hard for Macy almost as soon as he meets her but represses his feelings due to the nature of their relationship. Even as he makes a gallant effort to suppress his growing desires, he silently seeks her out every time they are in a room together. When the origins of whitelighters are revealed to him, Harry starts to experience an existential crisis which leaves him questioning his whitelighter nature. Indeed his path gets murky as he becomes envious of Macy's attraction to other men and in turn has a hard time communicating with the one person that he always shared an effortless connection with. Eventually Harry acknowledges where his self discovery journey has taken him and confesses to Macy that he fears his churlish behavior has diminished him in her eyes. Macy having gone through her own awaking of feelings for her friend and whitelighter embraces and forgives him. After some light flirtation and a near death, on both their parts, the two lovers finally come together and share a romantic kiss as they dance to the sound of their own music under the stars.

Throughout the Series


They first met when Harry kidnaps the Charmed Ones. He is revealed to be their Whitelighter and gives them a choice to accept their destiny as witches or become mortal humans without any memory of magic intervention.

Harry was surprised by Macy's methods to defeat demons with the help of science, but he didn't mind.

After destroying Taydeus, Charmed Ones take Spirit Board out and try to see if it works, right away wanting to try to contact with their mother, asking if she is there. It straightaway responds by saying not to trust their new Whitelighter, Harry.

Let This Mother Out

Macy and her sisters are warned by the spirit of Marisol Vera not to trust Harry and he tries to investigate the demon attack that occurred after the death of Taydeus while the girls are plotting against him. Macy hides from Harry the traces which are found in the laboratory, but she wants to trust him and offers to use the Truth Serum. However, her distrust increases when she finds out that the custodian died sometime after Harry's visiting.

In a private conversation, she mixes the serum in Harry's tea. The serum was to be used to determine whether or not Harry was a trustworthy person, but it was instead accidentally given to Niko Hamada, who felt compelled to tell everyone what she thought of them.

Later, it is revealed that a spirit was attempting to deceive the girls. Macy believes Harry's words and Harry helps with defeating this imposter demon.

Macy and her sisters feel they have lost their mother all over again, as Harry agrees that this demon-fighting business can take its toll on emotions. Harry says he didn't kill the custodian, but whatever the demon left behind had a fatal effect on her. Macy shows him what she found at the lab, he takes the sample with him, saying they now have a shared calendar and witch training starts tomorrow, telling them to be prompt and ready.

Later, Harry suddenly teleports in and he tells them that the black blob Macy found is from the Harbinger of Hell.

Sweet Tooth

Harry begins to make magic simulations for training the Charmed Ones when the girls appear to have problems. He was unhappy due to the fact that Macy keeps getting in her own head.

In the end, Macy reveals that she’s a virgin and this fact surprises for Harry and her sisters.

Whitelighter and the Charmed Ones discover that Angela Wu is the Harbinger and later they attempt to capture it by binding it with a spell that fails because of Maggie. Despite Harry’s warning, a very desperate Mel uses a dangerous spell from their simulation. The spell takes Angela down but knocks Macy out, though luckily, Harry is able to heal her right away.

Exorcise Your Demons

When Harry realizes that Angela Wu can be saved, he takes the side of Vera sisters and he pleads with Charity Callahan to trust too.

After saving Angela, Macy and her sisters make fun of Harry, as they realized that something was going on between him and Elder Callahan. He goes off topic and says that they defied orders from the Elders, meaning there will be consequences for their actions.

Other Women


Kappa Spirit

Macy claims to have seen a suspisious mark on Galvin Burdette, after realizing that Summer is not a succubus. Maggie is unable to see the mark, but Macy sees it everytime Galvin lifts his shirt up. While Macy was at work, Galvin mentions something about a party, and she invites herself in knowing that Summer will be there. From there, Macy fails at baking a pie, and Harry is invited to accompany her, bringing a British snack.

Out of Scythe


Bug a Boo


Jingle Hell


Keep Calm and Harry On


Witch Perfect


You're Dead to Me


Manic Pixie Nightmare


Touched by a Demon


Switches & Stones


Memento Mori




The Replacement


Source Material




Red Rain


The Source Awakens


Safe Space

After the events of the Source Awakens, the Charmed Ones and Harry enjoy a much needed break as they party the night away. By morning reality comes back in full force as they are attacked by an unknown assailant (later revealed to be Harry Greenwood's Darklighter) and the Book of Shadows is destroyed, opening up a portal to places unknown. Maggie and Mel jump through but Macy hesitates when she notices that Harry isn’t by her side. Harry is busy holding off the assailant who is trying to break free of his hold to get to Macy. Harry pleads with her to jump through the portal, but Macy refuses to leave him. In fear for her, he all but orders her to save herself and she reluctantly jumps, but not before the assailant shoots a green dart into her leg. The assassin stabs Harry in the heart but Harry manages to rip off his mask before he dies.

The Charmed Ones land in Seattle and soon realize they have lost their powers and connection to their whitelighter. Macy under the influence of the poison starts to hallucinate that she is hearing Harry’s voice asking her to come home. Desperate to get to him, she leaves her sisters behind and almost gets killed. As the sisters navigate their new world they encounter a new threat which prompts a new display of power from Macy. The sisters’ excitement soon turns to grief as Macy finally succumbs to the poison coursing through her veins. Harry appears almost as soon as Macy collapses and attempts to heal her, but the Darklighter's poison transfers from her system to his, weakening him. Panic grips him as Macy initially refuses to wake up. Fearing he’s lost her he begs her to breath. She finally does and is just as relieved to see him alive as he is to see her and they smile at each other.

Later Macy prompts Harry to share what happened after she jumped through the portal. He tells the sisters that he was killed by the assailant, but was somehow revived. He lies to them when they ask him if he saw the assassins face.

Things to Do in Seattle When You're Dead

Macy and Harry go on a road trip to The Seventh Circle Club, in an attempt to save Layla Chapman, a young witch. Harry tells Macy about his Darklighter, and tells her to be cautious, as the Darklighter could easily imitate Harry at any time.

Deconstructing Harry


The Truth about Kat and Dogs

Abigael helps Harry look into his memories as James, in an attempt to find Macy, who had been kidnapped by the Darklighter. Meanwhile, Mel and Maggie cast a forbidden spell to find their sister, which requires something she dreads, something she denies, and something she desires. After getting the spell wrong twice, they find a picture of Harry in Macy's room, and realize he's all three of them. Mel and Maggie cast the spell with the drawing, it works, and they find Macy's location: Tribeca, New York.

At the command center, Harry tells Mel and Maggie that Macy is not in danger, because the Darklighter has feelings for her. When Mel asks how he knows that, Harry says it's because he also has very strong feelings for Macy.

When Sparks Fly

Macy manages to distract Jimmy long enough so that she can lift the power dampening device from his pocket.

With the dampener in her possession, the two of them fight. With Jimmy no longer having the upper hand, he immediately orbs away. Seconds later Harry and Mel orb in. Without hesitation, because she's now learned to not trust everything she sees, Macy pins Harry to the wall by the throat. Harry is barely able to utter with Safeword: Hut-8. This confirmed his identity. Suited up in his assassin outfit, something I'd pay real money to own, Jimmy orbs back to his apartment. He's not quick enough. Harry, Mel, and Macy orb away. With Harry having dropped Mel and Macy off in Seattle, he returns to Jimmy's apartment.

Past is Present

Macy and Harry are still trying to figure out why Jordan Chase had a curse put on him, and Harry puts a cloning potion on his ring and takes the clone. They perform a spell to see the history of the ring, and they see one of Jordan’s ancestors was a witch hunter and put a curse on him for five generations of males in his family to die at 25. Harry asks how old Jordan is, and Macy tells him he’s 25.

The Rules of Engagement


Curse Words

Macy gets a text from Julian Shea, the billionaire from last week, suggesting she meet him in Aspen, with a plane ticket included. Before she can decide, Harry finds her and they look into each other’s eyes for a minute. Then Abigail stumbles in, collapses dramatically into Harry’s arms, and begs him for help. Harry determines that Abigail was poisoned with a hellebore venom. The only antidote is a lavender witch hazel injection. Abby has no idea who poisoned her. Harry offers to take Abby home, but Macy won’t let him go alone. She doesn’t trust Abby, but he thinks it’s important that they keep the demon overlord close. Harry: “Funny, I used to be the one protecting you.” Macy: “Well, now we protect each other.” Macy and Harry take Abby back to the sleek new apartment she’s rented in Seattle. Abby plays helpless with Harry and baits Macy. Abby to Macy: “What’s yours is mine, or something like that.” On her way to the bathroom, Macy discovers that Abby had already brewed the antidote injection for the poison. Abby flirts with Harry while he tries to figure out who poisoned her. Macy confronts Abby alone and says she knows Abby poisoned herself. Abby says that she was just trying to get some alone time with Harry. She appreciates his goodness in a way Macy doesn’t. Harry is surprised that Abby would poison herself for attention. Macy reveals that she saw them kiss in the Command Center. He agrees that he and Macy should go home, but first he wants to talk to Abby for a minute. Macy rushes in to tell Harry they have to get back to the Command Center to help Maggie. Harry tells Macy that he’s going to go back and check up on Abby, since they left her so quickly. Macy can’t understand why he cares about Abby, when she’s evil and manipulated him. He says that they need Abby on their side and it’s none of Macy’s business, anyway, since he just caught her mooning over her texts with Julian. He says he’ll take care of himself and she can take care of herself. Macy denies having feelings for Julian, and acts like she’s hurt that Harry could even suggest such a thing. Harry says she know how he feels about her and not to make it harder than it already is. Macy texts Julian, then dials up Aspen on the portal, all with tears in her eyes.

Guess Who's Coming to SafeSpace Seattle


Dance Like No One is Witching


Needs to Know


Sudden Death

Macy is trying to figure out how to sever the connection between Harry and his Darklighter but is not having success. Macy comes up with an idea to merge Harry with his Darklighter after talking with Julian.

The Enemy of My Frenemy

Harry and Macy are still investigating the Faction that appears to be using the dead with their magic to create monsters.

Search Party

Macy rehearses her breaking-up speech for Julian to her sisters, because she is finally starting to realize her very strong feelings for Harry. Later, Macy, Maggie and Jordan go to a gala on a quest to find Harry, who had been kidnapped by the Faction. They rescue him, and later, Macy decides to confess her feelings to Harry, but once she's done, Harry asks who she is, revealing he has lost his memory.

Don't Look Back in Anger

Harry continues to try and escalate his bubble while Macy whips up a potion. They talk, she keeps trying to tell him who he is and how he is a good man and they were a good team. Macy tries to restore Harry's memory by creating a Lost Memory Balm. However, the balm hits Macy instead, causing her to experience a lost memory, which reveals she had met Harry before. A classmate in college had sexually harassed her, causing her to accidentally unleash her demonic powers. Her father Dexter invited Marisol to talk with her, then Harry showed up to erase her memory, so that she wouldn't remember. Harry works to wake Macy but she is unconscious on the floor. Eventually, Jordan realized that the reason the Lost Memory Balm didn't work on Harry was because the Faction had implanted a Memory Blocking Chip into his head. While trying to save Macy, Jordan notices a cut on Harry. They realize that the only way to save Macy is to cut the thing out of Harry’s neck. Harry doesn’t want to but then offers himself up to save Macy and Harry gets his memories back and heals Macy.

Macy goes to see Harry and she is fine now. She has clarity and she doesn’t want to overthink anymore about her feelings and them. They dance and kiss, laughing, becoming a couple.

Unsafe Space


An Inconvenient Truth

Macy wants to use the Clarion Potion. Harry tells her no. They are desperate. The potion will be used to infect Julian’s mind with the thought that magic isn’t real. It will then be spread.

Macy and Harry work on the potion while Maggie and Mel ask Harry’s evil doppelgänger Jimmy what they can do to win against Julian. Macy and Harry realize they need a siren’s tongue. They head out to find one. Harry knows where to go. He brings them to Ragnor Row, a place where anything magical is available and for sale. Harry and Macy get duped by a man promising them what they need while Jordan learns he needs to save a Tulipe witch or there will be consequences. Meanwhile, Harry and Macy search for the man, Harry admits that he was talking to Maggie about their love. He tells Macy they cannot take a chance by having a romantic relationship. Julian tells Macy that Viv told him his sister was saved by black amber. Macy needs to prove this is a lie. She takes Harry with her. He wants to go back to the house and return to their original plan. She cannot, she tells him. She and Harry decided to ignore the rules of magic and actively pursue their relationship. Meanwhile, men surround the room where Macy and Harry are. She grabs what she needs for proof and shows Julian moments later. He agrees to help. He cannot believe Viv is the monster.

Someone's Going to Die

Macy and Harry speak by phone with Julian who has taken over Nadia’s body. He is with Viv as she attempts to sell the prism device. Julian plans to get it. Harry worries he may double-cross them. Mel and Maggie are also scared. Meanwhile, Macy gives Harry a set of magical headphones so they can communicate. Outside of where the prism is, Harry calls the sisters. He cannot breach the perimeter. Harry gets in. Macy gets scared and worried. With the help of Mel and Maggie, she goes to Harry not wanting to lose him again. Macy finds Harry. Together they locate Julian whose outward appearance is changing into himself. He no longer looks like Nadia. He is dying. Macy heads to find Viv. Harry stays with Julian who passes away.

Harry and Macy head back to the command center. They tell Maggie and Mel what happened. Minutes later Viv tries to get in. They try to seal the entry but Viv makes it through. She puts her hands into the basin, sucking up magical powers. The sisters come to. Viv laughs now filled with new powers. Together the sisters vanquish Vivienne. Harry and Macy plan a date.


Macy and Harry are looking in her bedroom for clues about the pair of sandals. Macy catches a lead about where her piece may be hidden after she examines a pair of sandals she believes she was wearing. Harry transports with her. Macy and Harry arrive on a beach. Macy has figured out the idea that one of the sisters has to die and she tells Harry she will be the one. She is the oldest. Harry begs to take her place. She tells him it doesn't work that way and they will find one another again. Harry tell her he wanted to take her to Paris. They dance on the beach near the waves in the dark.

You Can't Touch This

Melanie queries about Harry, but Macy implies that he will be returning soon. All three sisters acquire their drinks and assemble to leave, while remaining the appropriate feet away from each other. Macy wishes Maggie luck. Harry returns with a Moon Poppy, but unfortunately he is within the required distance and all three sisters are thrown back by the “curse.” Macy applies aloe vera on her wrist injury. Harry feels bad and apologizes but states that "It's just my luck. I finally get together with the woman of my dreams, only for her to become allergic to me." and that everything has changed. Macy brushes his little mistake away, but declares the problem temporary if they are able to put the moon poppy to work. Harry catechized Macy about the moon Poppy, but Macy is certain that their plan will work and comments “Tenth times the charm.” She informs Harry that it will take some time to brew a cure. Macy instructs Harry to wash up, and implies that they will be having sex tonight and Harry smiles and blushes. Harry comes to Macy, who is working on the cure, with coffee. He asks how the progress is, Macy does not reply. Macy divulges that combining The Source and the tree sent a pulse through their bodies, and left behind trace elements in their blood. She theorizes that this pulse could be causing the pain and/or hives. Harry remarks that he is happy to see Macy pursuing her passion. Macy adds that if the blood cleanse works, they will be alone in Paris. Macy imbibes the potion, and Harry and Macy are about to come close to test if it worked. Melanie is in the living room, skimming through “Overcoming The Boundaries Of Gender,” when Macy enters upset that her plan didn’t work. Harry enters a few seconds after, exasperated and goes after her. Macy is in her room, looking for more answers. Harry comes in with Breakfast-In-Bed. Macy denounces his actions, uttering that he is trying to make everything seem normal again. Macy is saddened by their current tribulation. Harry proposes a new idea. Macy and Harry use the revelation to find out the source behind their “allergy.” Macy tries to enchant the spell multiple times, but there is nothing as a result. Macy is saddened and frustrated by the result. Harry tries to comfort her and tells her that they'll find another way. Macy says "It's not that Harry. I feel robbed of what it is truly like to love you and now I'm afraid I'll never get that chance." and tries to leave. Harry calls out to her, but she says she wants to be alone. After Macy leaves, Harry is alone, the spell seems to have worked. A magical blast is fired at the wall, revealing an engraves stone covered in symbols. Harry is in distress about Macy, and Maggie points out that their relationship is worth fighting for. Macy is boxing in the gym and receives a text and a missed call from Harry, who attempts to comfort her. Macy is soon possessed, just like Maggie and Mel were.

Harry searches the house for Macy. Maggie and Mel are in the kitchen. Both of them have been having strange dreams preventing them from getting rest. They soon realize they’ve been having the same dream, or maybe it’s not a dream? Harry interrupts them asking for Macy. They theorize that somethings been possessing them, causing them to do something strange, and that Macy might now be possessed. Macy is in the The Command Center, performing a spell to bring a creature back to life. Harry enters the Command Center and tries to get Macy to wake up but it does not work. Maggie and Mel enter the Command Center to find Macy unconscious. They wake her up, and as they expected, she is confused about the dire situation and notice that Harry is missing. Maggie theorizes that Macy used a Body Restoration Ritual that required the Charmed Ones. Macy finally locates the location of Harry and they portal there.

The Charmed Ones find Harry unconscious in a forest, badly injured. Macy theorizes that they should use the Moon Poppy. Whilst Macy attempts to use the Blood Cleansing Potion, Mel and Maggie search for the creature. They run in opposition to the creature. She pours the potion down Harry’s throat and he is cured. Macy and Harry rush in to save the others. Macy uses Telekinetic Immobilization on the creature. Maggie uses Emotional Inception to calm the creature, and Mel uses Molecular Acceleration to make the creature implode. They find that the inner energy of the creature formed a glowing pattern on the ground. The Charmed Ones and Harry learn that the glowing symbol was one of the symbols on the rock, and that the allergy is connected to the creatures. They learn that the symbols and the monster are over 10,000 years old. Whatever infected them is older than human civilization. Macy sets up a Paris setting date in the backyard and Harry tells her he heard her feelings and frustrations and that he loves with every bone in his body. Macy and Harry have dinner together.

Yew Do You



  • Macy was the first person that orbed along with Harry in the series.
  • It was hinted throughout the latter half of the first season that Harry has feelings for Macy.
    • In "The Source Awakens", Macy unwittingly hears Harry's thoughts during her brief stint as the The Source of All Evil. Whatever she hears seems to make her a little uneasy and when she reveals to Harry that she can read thoughts now, he seems self-conscious but neither of them directly address what she heard. Later on, after the Source's power has been removed from her, the two of them are briefly alone together in the cemetery. Harry informs her that it's a "gross violation to read [her] Whitelighter's private thoughts" to which Macy asks if he'd like to discuss what she overheard. Harry seems to consider this for a moment before telling her they should just pretend it never happened.
  • It has been revealed in the second season that Harry indeed does have feelings for Macy, and it was also revealed later in the season that Macy has feelings for him.
    • In "The Truth about Kat and Dogs", Mel and Maggie Vera go looking for Macy's journal in attempt to discern what their sister desires. When they find a drawing Macy's done of Harry, Mel and Maggie realize that Harry is, in fact, Macy's "secret desire" as well as the thing she also dreads and denies herself. This is confirmed when they perform the Absum Veri Spell over the drawing of Harry and the spell works. Later, Harry informs Mel and Maggie that he believes Macy is not in any danger at the moment because his Darklighter, Macy's captor, has feelings for her. When Mel asks Harry how he knows that, Harry admits he knows because he has feelings for Macy as well.
    • In "Search Party", Macy realizes, despite being in a relationship with Julian Shea, that she has feelings for Harry. She decides to admit these feelings to him, but at the same time, Harry had amnesia and didn't remember who Macy was.
  • In "Don't Look Back in Anger", Macy and Harry kissed for the first time during a slow dance.
  • In "Unsafe Space", it was the first time they'd had sex.


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