The relationship between witch, Macy Vaughn and mortal, Julian Shea.


Season Two

Guess Who's Coming to SafeSpace Seattle

Julian and Macy meet when she filled in for her sister Maggie Vera. He didn't automatically introduce himself to Macy. She later learned that he was the major investor in SafeSpace, Seattle. After he spoke with the workers at SafeSpace, he revealed that he was planning on excavating under ground where the Command Center was. Macy then proceeded to invite him to dinner.

During the dinner, Macy made excuses for him to not dig up SafeSpace and then ended up putting a potion in his drink but she stopped him from drinking it. When she needed to get him clean, they headed to SafeSpace where they talked about her previous job. As they were talking, they were spotted by Macy's sister Mel Vera and Whitelighter Harry Greenwood.

Curse Words

Julian texts Macy from Aspen, Colorado, inviting her to come and sending plane tickets. Later, after an argument with Harry, Macy opens a portal to Aspen and went to Julian.

Dance Like No One is Witching

Macy spends time with him in Aspen where the two are shown to sleep together. The next morning, she meets his aunt, Vivienne Laurent. Later, Macy returns to Seattle for an infected Harry. Julian's aunt forces Macy to break up with him since that's the only way to get the tech to save Harry's life Macy agrees to it. However, the next morning, Julian sees Macy during a meeting and excuses himself for a moment to talk with her. He revealed that he knows that Macy was forced into breaking up with him by his aunt, who has meddled in his relationships before, so he asks Macy to give him an second chance while he deals with his aunt to which she agrees to and the two of them share a kiss, which is witnessed by Harry.

Needs to Know

Julian was mentioned by Macy when she talked about the complexity of the romantic relationships and about her failed attempts to regain her witch powers. Macy called him her "drop of joy".

Sudden Death


Third Time's the Charm

When Elder Celeste cast a spell to make Macy and her sisters dream their greatest fears, Macy dreamt that she was divorced from Julian.

The Enemy of My Frenemy

Julian gives Macy an expensive bracelet which only futures her guilt since she wants to break up with him since she from the last episode. She's love with Harry, but when it's discover that the Faction actually links back to Julian's company. She doesn't break up with him or give him back the bracelet seeing as it's the only personal item she has of his to use an tracking spell on. When the time comes to track down Julian although Macy is recluant to believe that he's the evil master mind of The Faction.

Search Party

Macy is his plus one at the faction gala event although unknown to Julian she actually went to the party to recuse Harry who was locked in a pod down in the basement level. However she is caught in the act by Julian in order to create an distraction Macy says she was trying to find his office right before she faints. Now believing Macy suffers from fainting spells Julian takes her to his office and opens up to her about the night he became orphaned and his sister. Which clues in Macy on why The Faction was created.

Don't Look Back in Anger

Julian finds out that Maggie is a magical being which makes him comes to the conclusion Macy is one too.




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