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The relationship between the Charmed Ones and sisters, Macy Vaughn and Margarita "Maggie" Vera.

Maggie accepted Macy as her sister very quickly and felt an immediate bond to her. She wanted Macy to feel like a part of the family, assuring her sister that their mother must have had a good reason for letting her go. She also pushed her sister into pursuing a relationship with Galvin and asked her to be open to her about why she was scared of being intimate.

Macy learns from Galvin that she and Maggie share the same biological father.


Early Life

Macy was born a 10-11 years before her youngest sister. They didn't contact when they were younger, because Macy spent her entire adult life thinking that her mother died when she was a child, and Maggie thought that her mother had no other children but herself and Mel. They found out about each other in October 2018 (after three months the murder of their mother).

Throughout the Series


  • In Keep Calm and Harry On, Macy learns from Galvin that she and Maggie have a common father.
    • It has been confirmed by Macy that she and Maggie share the same parents while Mel only shares a mother.
  • In real life, both actresses identify as not 100% Latina which caused controversy among fans.
  • Both are powerful witches.
  • Both sisters have a very close relationship.


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