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Mel: Sometimes I am jealous of you. You are so brilliant. You're fearless. The way you use your dark side to help us, I don't know if I could've been that brave.

Macy: Mel, you are literally the strongest person I know. You really saved me. And you know what? If the apocalypse is coming, there is no one else I'd rather have by my side.

— Macy's and Mel's heart to heart[src]

The relationship between Charmed Ones and half-sisters, Macy Vaughn and Melanie "Mel" Vera.

This relationship is not as close as each of their relationships with Maggie. Obviously, it was hard for Mel after her mother died to immediately accept a new sister, and Macy dealing heavy abandonment issues. This has drawn some tension between the two at times, especially when Macy loses herself to the demon inside, with Macy feeling that Mel would never truly accept her. However, in general, they are very friendly and loyal to each other with Macy eventually realizing that Mel does accept her and won't abandon her.


Early Life

Macy was born a few years before Mel was. The two of them did not know of each other's existence when they were children and teens, because Macy spent her life thinking that her mother died when she was a child, and Mel thought that her mother had no other children but herself and Maggie. They found out about each other in October 2018 (three months after the murder of their mother).

Throughout the Series


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