This is a page that tracks the power(s) and development of Maggie Vera. This does not include powers gained through unusual circumstances.

Season One

Episode Episode Name Power Development
1x01 Pilot Telepathic Empathy Power is unbound. Starts to sense the thoughts and emotions of others through physical contact.
1x02 Let This Mother Out Telepathic Empathy Able to read the minds of multiple people at once by establishing a physical connection between everyone in the room.
1x04 Exorcise Your Demons Telepathic Empathy Able to project her thoughts into another being's mind.
1x07 Out of Scythe Empathy Feeling other being's emotional state for the first time instead of hearing their thoughts.
1x08 Bug a Boo Telepathic Empathy Able to read the hive mind of Cicada Demons while time was frozen.
1x10 Keep Calm and Harry On Emotional Energy Manipulation New ability to channel emotion into energy. She created a ball of blue energy that allowed her and her sisters to join their powers and shield themselves from Alastor.
1x11 Witch Perfect Telepathic Empathy Able to hear a soul's scream while touching the container the soul was imprisoned in.
1x12 You're Dead to Me Thought Manipulation New ability to project her thoughts into other people and subtly persuade them. She uses this ability to persuade Macy to stop trying to kill Cyd.
1x13 Manic Pixie Nightmare Thought Manipulation Able to break Parker and later Harry out of a pixie's spell.
1x14 Touched by a Demon Emotional Energy Manipulation Able to channel her emotions into a force field that blasted Parker during sex.
1x15 Switches & Stones Soul Transference After touching a rune in the Vortex Viribus, her Empathy power (temporarily) expanded to the point of her able to transferring her soul into Mel's body, and vice versa.