The relationship between witch, Maggie Vera and mortal, Brian.


Early Life

Maggie and Brian were dating during high school but Maggie broke up with him due to her not seeing a future with him. They tried to have a friends-with-benefits relationship, but it is obvious that his romantic feelings haven't cooled yet.

Season One


Brian wanted to protect Maggie as she walked through the woods heading to campus, but Maggie told him to stop since they had broken up.

After vanquishing the demon possessing Brian, Maggie kissed him passionately and stated it must have been from all the adrenaline.

Let This Mother Out

After hearing Angela Wu's thoughts and feeling her fear, Maggie wanted to hook up with Brian to relieve her stress. The two had sex but it was awkward since Maggie could hear Brian's every thought. In the end, learning to trust her instincts, Maggie met up with Brian and told him that they had to break up officially.


  • Maggie is the first Charmed one in the reboot to have her boyfriend turn out to be evil or possessed by evil. In the original Charmed, Piper was the first one to have an evil boyfriend when Jeremy turned out to be a warlock.