Malleaorum is a spell that is effective at influencing beings. The spell requires a green powder to be blown at the target's face and allows the caster to influence their thoughts and actions. It can also be spiked as a potion in food or drinks to achieve the same effect.


In "Careful What You Witch For", Maggie Vera, desperate to get the job of assistant manager at SafeSpace, Seattle to maintain access into the Command Center, learnt of this spell from Abigael Jameson-Caine, and used it on her interviewer in order to avoid a background check.

In "Guess Who's Coming to SafeSpace Seattle", after Julian Shea revealed that he was planning on excavating under ground where the Command Center was, Macy Vaughn invited him to dinner and almost used the influencer potion on him. However, due to her interest in him and the unexpected halt in his plans, she backed down and stopped him from drinking it by causing the glass to spill.

In "Sudden Death", Maggie, believing Abigael had done something to Macy after stripping her demonic powers in order to prevent the Charmed Ones from restoring the Power of Three, intended to find the dagger Abigael used to strip Macy's powers and perform a Provenance Spell in order to find out how to reverse it. Knowing that Abigael's apartment would be guarded, Maggie created the required powder for the spell, and hid it as a skin-care spray, which she then used on Abigael's henchwoman, Tori, so she would lead her to where Abigael kept her weapons. However, as the spell eventually wears off, and Abigael had caught on that Maggie was after something, Maggie was caught with the dagger.


Finge cor. Muta mentem. Alia eventa mihi.
Shape the heart, change the mind, give me results of a different kind.

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