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I feel so lucky to be the mother of two special young women. Special in such different ways. Always remember that. You're better together, your differences are your strengths, and nothing is stronger than your sisterhood. Nurture that.
— Marisol to her daughters[src]

Marisol Vera was an Elder witch and the mother of Macy Vaughn, Melanie Vera and Margarita Vera. She was also the ex-wife of Ray Vera and the ex-partner of Dexter Vaughn.

Along with the basic abilities of a witch (casting spells and brewing potions), Marisol had the power to see events of the future before they occur. As her daughters got older, she began having premonitions informing her that her daughters would become the Charmed Ones. After Maggie entered college, Marisol knew something was coming for her daughters, so she started to unbind their powers, but was murdered by fellow Elder Charity Callahan in an attempt to stop her from completing the spell. However, Marisol managed to finish the incantation and successfully unbound her daughters’ powers with her dying breath.

Marisol was a member of the Vera Family.


Early Life

Marisol was born into a presumed family of witches. The entirety of her childhood and early adult life is currently unknown, though it is known that at some point she became a member of the Elders. She eventually would have three daughters to two different men. When she became pregnant with her eldest daughter, Macy, Marisol began to feel that something was wrong with her baby, even discussing this with a friend. After Macy was stillborn, Marisol was forced to leave her to be raised by her father when a Necromancer that she had broken out of Tartarus, whom she had summoned to resurrect Macy, told her she could never see her again, for if she did, Macy would die. Macy's father lied to Macy, claiming that she had died.

Three years after leaving Dexter and Macy, Marisol met a man named Ray and had a daughter, Melanie. Because Ray was often away on business, Marisol was left to raise Mel alone and grew lonely, leading to her and Dexter rekindled their relationship and Margarita's conception. However, Maggie was led to believe that Ray was her biological father. When Maggie was five years old, Ray found out about Maggie's paternity and left the family.

Upon the births of each of her daughters, Marisol bound their powers so that each of them could live normal lives. She also kept in touch with Dexter through letters to learn about their daughters.

Prior to unbinding her daughter's powers, Marisol sent Macy an invitation to accept a new job offer at the Hilltowne University's Department of Genetics. While unbinding her daughters' powers, she was visited by her friend and fellow Elder Charity Callahan. When questioned about why she was casting such a spell, Marisol revealed that her daughters would become the Charmed Ones and the truth about Macy's darkness to Charity. Fearful of the Charmed Ones being tainted by demon blood, Charity attempted to stop Marisol from reciting the unbinding spell and this resulted in a fight in which Charity was forced to kill Marisol by sending her out of the attic window. However, Marisol was able to complete the spell with her dying breath and successfully unbound the powers of her three daughters.

Throughout the Series

In Pilot, Marisol was first seen on the phone engaged in an intense argument, telling the person on the other line not to threaten her, and how she wanted Professor Thaine dismissed from the faculty.

When her daughters, Mel and Maggie, overheard her argument, she explained that it was about Angela Wu's accusation of sexual harassment against Professor Thaine, but Angela is unable to testify due to her being in a coma. Marisol then gave her daughters a speech about how they were special, but they were better together, for their differences were their strengths, and nothing was stronger than their sisterhood.

Dismissing the speech as typical of their mother's usual self, the two sisters leave the house for their respective activities. While her daughters were out, Marisol heard a sound from outside, which led her to open a window, and a crow flew into the house. Sensing something, she sent a text to her daughters to tell them to come home, for she needed them.

In the attic, she cast a spell that unbound her daughters' powers. While crows flew around her and a seemingly supernatural smoke entered the house, she managed to complete the spell, but an unknown entity threw her out of the window, killing her. When Mel and Maggie reached home, they were devastated to find their mother dead.

During Henry's explanation to the sisters about their destiny as the Charmed Ones, he described Marisol to be "a very powerful senior witch", and she had not only sent Macy the grant application, but also ensured that it was chosen, for she wanted her family to be reunited.

In Let This Mother Out, An Imposter Demon impersonates Marsiol who manipulated the sisters into freeing it from an ouija board. Luckily Mel sees through the deception.

In Sweet Tooth, TBA.

In Exorcise Your Demons, Marsiol is seen in an flashback 6 months prior to her death where Mel is encouraging Angela to come forward with her sexual harassment allegations against Professor Thaine. Marisol takes an gentler approach getting Mel to not over push her boundaries and promises Angela that the Vera family will support her regardless. In the present day The sisters are in complete surprise and shock to learn their mother was an Elder, something they thought Harry should have mentioned to them. They also learn their mother and Charity were close friends. Mel is more determined than ever with saving Angela, with her belief that their mother would never allow Angela to be killed.

Charity and Macy have a deep conversation about Marisol . When Macy asks if her mother mentioned Macy’s existence to Charity or any other Elders. Charity reveals that Macy’s existence now makes sense to her, especially remembering something that Marisol asked her to help her do years ago, to perform a very brutal and painful spell on her to make Macy's absent little more bearable for Marsiol. However it still doesn't answer Macy's question of why Marsiol abandoned her first family. Macy arrives at the warehouse, together the three sisters learn the blank page in the Book of Shadows reveals a spell written in Spanish with each of their names written at the top. Harry figures out that Marisol created the unsanctioned spell because she knew they would find themselves in this scenario, revealing that her power was prophecy. Harry finally believes they are doing the right thing and trusts Marisol's judgment. Charity also comes around to trust Marisol's judgment which results in Angela successfully being saved.

In Other Women, TBA.

In Kappa Spirit, After casting a spell to deal with Brenda Mancini, a girl who fell to her death while drunk in 1989 after being rejected as a pledge and has now returned as a revenant, Mel and Maggie see a memory of their mother pregnant with Macy, and fearful for her health because she feels that something is wrong with her pregnancy.

In Out of Scythe, 'Despite the police writing off Marsiol's death as accidental. It's revealed that Tripp had some doubts after seeing an pattern with Marsiol's death and other Elders in surrounding cities. Unfortunately this evidence is destroyed by Hunter in his attempt to kill Niko.

In Bug a Boo, The Sacana is suspected in Marsiol and other Elders death which causes Mel to infiltrate the rogue group.

In Jingle Hell, It's Mel and Maggie's first christmas without their mom which prompts Maggie to invite Ray over, but he backs out at the last minute.

At the end of Keep Calm and Harry On, Macy and Galvin find out that Macy and Maggie are full biological sisters, while Mel is the half-sister.

In Witch Perfect, Mel and Maggie learn of their mother's deception. Mel reacts poorly to Macy spilling the new sisterly dynamic, but Macy suggests that everything must be connected, and Maggie should call her father and ask questions. Maggie refuses, claiming that she has too much to worry about with her upcoming audition. Macy does an spell to reveal secrets, and it reveals a bunch of letters that are from her father, written to her mother meaning they had been in touch all along. At the house, Macy apologizes to Maggie and shows her the letters between their parents, but she’s uninterested in hearing about it. Mel meets up with Jada to vent about all her mothers lies. Not wanting to lie, she tells Jada that she was originally sent to the Sarcana by the Elders to infiltrate them. Jada tells her that she already knew, and she’s fine with it, now that Mel genuinely wants to be a part of them. Macy continues to read over her parent's letters with Galvin. She’s shocked to find out that her parents were actually still in love for decades through them. She tells Galvin how disappointed she was to have missed out on knowing her sisters at a younger age, and she’s confused why her mother and father didn’t stay together. Maggie finally asks Macy for the letters, they bond reading over them, but discover an shocking secret. Macy as an baby was brought back from the dead by them.

In You're Dead to Me, Marisol is seen in a flashback at the beginning of the episode. In it, she is begging Knansie, a necromancer, to resurrect her stillborn baby with Dexter by her side. Knansie asks if she knows the risks and price of resurrection. Despite the knowledge and Dexter's protest, Marisol only cares about saving her daughter. After the ritual, Macy is resurrected. Knansie then tells her that she can only be with her daughter for two years, after which she must never see her again or she will die.

In Touched by a Demon, TBA.

In Switches & Stones, Priyanka Bari uses her needle to activate Macy's Evil Sight to make her witness Marisol's murder. In the vision, she saw Charity Callahan in the attic the moment Marisol was killed.

In Memento Mori, Macy finds herself suffering from memory loss and blackouts. She slowly begins to remember her lost moments and finally realize that Charity had been erasing her memory. However, her powers as a Charmed One helped her break through the spell.

After defeating the Elder, Macy showed Mel and Maggie the full version of the story.

Marisol had just chased away Taydeus. When she was about to resume the unbinding spell, Charity portaled in and asked her what she meant when she said "I have three". Marisol wanted to trust Charity, so she told her about Macy, the daughter who died at birth and whom she resurrected through necromancy. Charity became instantly worried about the consequences of resurrecting a Charmed One through black magic and tried to stop her from completing the unbinding spell. Marisol countered her magic with every turn until finally Charity killed her with a deathbolt. Marisol fell out the window and descended to the ground. She completed the spell with her last breath.

Maggie and Mel broke into tears and the three sisters embraced to comfort each other.

In The Replacement, TBA.

In Ambush, after most of the Elders were massacred, Macy, Mel and Maggie had a fight about being ambushed and surprised by Hunter Caine, who had somehow picked up new tricks during his time in Tartarus. Macy wanted to use her Evil Sight to find out how he did it, but as her demonic side began to take over, Mel and Maggie became increasingly worried. Not wanting to lose their sister, Mel tried to break Priyanka Bari's Needle, causing Macy to fling her sister across the room. She snapped out of it seconds after and broke the needle herself. Maggie then found the bookshelf under the stairs and noticed a drawing on one of the books (which she had been doodling recently). Suspecting it to be a sign from their mother, she turned the book over. They found two more books with the same designs, which Mel and Macy flipped. A secret door then opened and led down to a secret weapons room with their names embedded on each cabinet.

A holographic projection of Marisol materialized to instruct her daughters on how to use their new weapons: Maggie could use the Empathic Staff to hone her power; Mel could use the Time Bracelet to speed up or slow down her own time; Macy didn't need a weapon, but she could use the Yin Yang Pendant to balance her inner darkness. The hologram departed with one last word of wisdom: "You're better together. Your differences are your strengths. And nothing is stronger than your sisterhood."

In The Source Awakens, after becoming the Source, Macy resurrected Marisol using Reality Warping to change history. However, in every version, Marisol ended up dead, whether it be Macy simply resurrecting her, or by making Mel the sacrificed daughter. Having grown tired of being left behind, Macy created a reality where she did not resurrect. Mel and Maggie retained their original memories through the memory potion and talked with Marisol about Macy.

Marisol revealed a spell in the Book of Shadows that allowed them to return to the moment when the Power of Three broke in order to restore the balance. She also translated a hidden spell that would allow the Charmed Ones to remove the power of the Source. Once Mel and Maggie convinced Macy to believe in their sisterhood and that she was no longer alone, they used the spell to transfer the Sacred Flame into her Yin Yang Pendant. They then visited Marisol's grave together.

In Don't Look Back in Anger, Macy was accidentally struck with a memory restoration spell that made her fall into a coma. During the coma, her mind wandered back to when she was 22 years old and accidentally set a fellow student on fire.

Dexter reached out to Marisol on the matter, and Marisol came to visit Macy. She kept her face hidden by hanging a sheet in between herself and Macy. Once Macy realized Marisol was her mother, she tried to tear it down before Dexter stopped her. After Macy calmed down, Marisol consoled her, telling her to keep her emotions in check, because if she ever lost control of herself, people could get hurt and there were no second chances. After some heartfelt moments, Marisol summoned Harry to have him erase Macy's memory. Since Harry had no recollection of meeting Macy beforehand, present day Macy theorized that Marisol erased his memory shortly after to keep her existence a secret.

In "Triage", TBA

In "Spectral Healing", TBA


Marisol's most defining trait was her love for all three of her daughters: despite her Elder status, she secretly broke the rules by freeing a Necromancer from Tartarus to resurrect Macy (who initially died in infancy). She also bound her daughters' powers to keep them safe and let them live normal lives. According to Mel, Marisol never played favorites, and besides raising her daughters (Mel and Maggie) to be proud of their respective individuality, she knew Mel was a lesbian even before Mel herself realized it, and accepted it with pride. Later on, through their discovery of a secret passageway, the sisters learned that their mother had left each and everyone of them with a special weapon, along a magical holographic message that not only explained the usages of their respective weapons, but also provided words of love and encouragement.

Besides her love for her daughters, Marisol's most prominent trait was her dedication to the Craft - Harry described her as "a very powerful senior witch", and in the midst of mastering their powers and battling evil, the sisters realized their mother actually had plentiful supplies of ingredients for spells and potions, which led them to occasionally wonder as to how they never realized she was a witch. She even included unsanctioned yet effective spells (such as the Exorcism Ritual) in the Book of Shadows for her daughters, and ensured that the respective weapons she left for them in the secret room was specifically tailored to their respective powers. These instances testify to her being a truly powerful witch who was willing to do anything and everything for her daughters' well-being.

Last but not least, given her stance against Professor Thaine for his sexual harassment of Angela, it could be said that Marisol was a feminist, a trait that she passed on to Mel. She was also somewhat of a rebel - despite the fact that the Elders and the Sarcana were supposed to be mortal enemies, she was still on good terms with the Sarcana. The fact that she successfully kept numerous secrets from her daughters and even her other Elder friends for many years - such as magic, resurrecting Macy through necromancy, the exorcism spell, etc. - also demonstrate her to be an intensely discreet person if need be.

Physical Appearance

Marisol was a Latin-American woman with long shoulder-length hair. At the time of her death, she appeared to be in her forties or fifties.

Powers and Abilities

Basic Powers
  • ​​​​​Spell Casting: The ability to cast spells and perform rituals.
    • Power Unbinding Spell: Marisol was able to cast this spell while still casting another spell and even being injured.
    • Wind Spell: Marisol was able to use this spell to conjure a gust of wind to hold Charity back.
  • Potion Making: The ability to brew potions.
Active Powers
  • Prophecy: Marisol had the power of prophecy, which allowed her to see the future. According to Charity Callahan, Marisol's predictions did not always come true. Although, this could have just been Charity's opinion.
Other Powers
  • Power Granting: The ability to grant magical power to another being. This is a collective power that requires the aid of other Elders to turn dying mortals into Whitelighters.
  • Power Stripping: The power to take away other magical being's powers. This is a collective power that requires the aid of other Elders to strip Whitelighters of their powers.
  • Unmuting: Marisol was able to use a skill in which she had learned in her experience as a witch to negate the effects of Charity's muting power.



  • Marisol Vera and Marisol Vera: Macy is Marisol's oldest daughter, and fathered by Dexter Vaughn. Unfortunately, she was raised entirely by her father since childhood, and believed her father's lie about her mother being dead. When Macy realized the truth, she held some resentment towards Marisol for apparently abandoning her, but later found out that Marisol did not do so out of her own free will - Macy had died during infancy, which led to Marisol enlisting a necromancer's aid to resurrect her, but the price was that Marisol must never ever see her after her second birthday, or she (Macy) would die. Hence, Macy came to have a much better opinion of Marisol.
  • Marisol and Mel Vera: Mel is Marisol's second daughter, and fathered by Ray. Mel and Marisol were "freakishly" close to each other, with Mel confiding in her mother everything. In fact, Mel once revealed to Harry that Marisol already knew that Mel was a lesbian before Mel realized it herself, and not only accepted it with pride, but also taught her and Maggie to be proud of their respective individuality. Hence, when Marisol was killed, Mel was consumed with grief and anger, and developed an obsession with unravelling the mystery behind her death.
  • Marisol and Maggie Vera: Maggie is Marisol's youngest daughter, and also fathered by Dexter Vaughn, though Maggie believed her biological father to be Ray throughout her childhood. Like Mel, Maggie shared an intimate familial relationship with her mother, but it was not to the same degree as the one between Mel and Marisol. When Marisol was killed, Maggie was devastated, but did not develop an obsession like Mel did. When Maggie learned the truth about her true paternity, she was furious with her mother for the deception.

Romantic Life

  • Marisol Vera and Dexter Vaughn: When Macy was two, Marisol abandoned her for unknown reasons and Macy's father was forced to lie to her claiming she had died. According to Marisol, Dexter Vaughn had no idea that she was a witch. However, he later found out according to some letters their daughters found between them. When Macy was ten, Marisol and Dexter conceived their second daughter together; Dexter was aware of Maggie, but never got the chance to meet her.
  • Marisol Vera and Ray Vera: According to Maggie, Marisol and her 'dad' were not together very long. Ray later walked out on Marisol after Maggie's 5th birthday party and has rarely been in contact with Maggie since after learning Maggie wasn't his daughter. However, he's Mel's birth father although she resents him for how his and Marisol's relationship turned out.


  • Charity Callahan: Marisol and Charity had been friends since they were young witches, and they both became powerful Elders as they grew wiser. When Marisol gave away her first daughter to protect her, she asked Charity to extract all of her pain and anguish so that she may be able to move on with her life and prepare for what was to come for her daughters. At the time, Charity had no idea, but did the spell anyway. However, their friendship was tested when Marisol revealed that her daughter had been resurrected by a Necromancer and Charity killed Marisol.
  • Sasha: Not much is known of their friendship, though Marisol seemed to trust her a great deal. Sasha knew that Marisol was a witch and Marisol shared her insecurities about her first pregnancy with Sasha.



  • In the original series, it was the sisters' grandmother that raised them and died shortly before the girls discovered their identities as witches while their mother died earlier in their lives. In the reboot, Marisol seems to fulfill both roles while their grandmother has not yet been mentioned.
  • Marisol had the power of Prophecy, which is similar to Phoebe's power of Premonition in the original series.
    • Whereas Patty Halliwell had the power of molecular immobilization (freezing), Marisol's prophecy power follows the pattern of having one of the Charmed Ones' active powers.
  • According to George Northy's twitter, Marisol's only power is Prophecy, while everything else is a spell or learned magical skill.[3]
  • It is highly speculated that Marisol was named after the actress, Marisol Nichols, who portrayed Bianca (the fiancée of Chris Halliwell and a witch assassin) in the original series.
  • Marisol majored in psychology before she moved on to women studies.


This is not a witch hunt. It's a reckoning.



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