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The relationship between witch, Marisol Vera, and mortal, Ray Vera.


Early Life

A few years after Marisol was forced to leave Dexter and Macy Vaughn due to the price of Macy's resurrection, she met Ray and married him. They had a daughter, Melanie Vera. Seven years later, Marisol conceived her youngest daughter, Margarita Vera with Dexter. Although, Marisol made Ray to believe that he was the father.

When Maggie was five, Ray left Marisol and hardly ever kept in touch.

Throughout the Series

Season One

Jingle Hell

Mel and Maggie argue over Ray visiting. Mel believes that Ray abandoned them when they were younger and the fact that he is always finding excuses not to see Maggie while Maggie trusts him. Later, Ray texts Maggie and tells her he can't make it, hurting her.

Witch Perfect

Maggie learns that Ray is only Mel's father while Macy's father is her biological father which also explains why Ray had been distant from her.

The Source Awakens

When Macy rewrote reality to make it that Mel couldn't grow up with a mother, other than the circumstances of their break up, it seems like Marisol's relationship with Ray stayed mostly the same. Only, in this reality, she didn't dupe him about Maggie's paternity, due to Ray leaving with Mel when she was toddler for her safety.

Season Two

Guess Who's Coming to SafeSpace Seattle

After discovering Ray was actually alive, Mel and Maggie eventually had to tell him that they, and their mother, were witches. They began to doubt that their parents' relationship was based on deception one way or other. Ray claimed that he did love Marisol, despite her not being fully open with him.

Curse Words

Mel asks Ray to tell her what really happened between him and Marisol when he left them. Ray reveals that when they first met, they were both professors of the Hilltowne University. They fell in love and got married, but because Ray was traveling often for his archeological career, Marisol was left alone to take care of Mel, which made her lonely. After a long time of loneliness, Marisol fell back into the arms of her ex-boyfriend, Dexter Vaughn. Ray found out about the affair and Maggie's existence from it. Despite their effort to try to make the relationship work again, the knowledge about the affair broke Ray's heart and drove him down a dark path until he left them.


  • Mel resents her father due to her parents' horrible relationship.
  • It is unknown if they were on good terms prior to Marisol's death however due to Mel's reaction of the mere mention of him it's implied it wasn't.
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