Mediumship is the power to perceive and communicate with ghosts and spirits.


This ability can manifest in several different applications. The best-known forms involve the user simply "hearing" or receiving the message and passing it on or a manifestation of the spirit could also occur.

Psychics are known for their practice in communication between spirits and living human beings through their ability to perceive information hidden from average human senses and the performance of séances.

There are several branches of divination, the ability to gain information through various mystical or supernatural means, that involve communication with the deceased. Ouija is a branch of divination that allows users to gain information through the use of spirit boards. However, these objects have proven to be easily manipulated and are highly vulnerable to tricksters. Necromancy is a branch of divination that allows users to gain information by calling upon the deceased. This form of divination is exclusive to beings known as Necromancers and was highly distrusted by magical authorities, particularly the Elders, as they believed Necromancy to be dark magic, and opposed those who practice it.[1]

Maggie Vera developed a form of spiritual empathic telepathy, allowing her to read the minds and emotions of as well as communicate with spirits. This was a result of her empathic powers expanding. However, she has since lost access to this ability when her aura was stripped.[2]

Katrina Chandra developed the ability to communicate with the spirits of the deceased. In Past is Present, she told Mel Vera that she could hear Marisol Vera speaking to her. Mel says that this must mean that she is a medium.[3]

Known Users

Original power
Through spells, artifacts, power stealing, etc.



  • The only true medium of the series, without being a witch or other magical being, is Katrina Chandra.


  1. Charity referred to Necromancy as the darkest of magics in Memento Mori.
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