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The relationship between Charmed One and witch, Mel Vera and whitelighter-witch, Jada Shields.

Season One

Out of Scythe

The first meeting took place at the bar, where Jada looked Vera for a long time and later allowed herself a light flirtation that made Mel smile.

Bug a Boo


Jingle Hell


Keep Calm and Harry On

Jada kissed Mel for the first time, and Mel reciprocated. Unbeknownst to them, Mel's ex-girlfriend was watching from the side.

Witch Perfect


Manic Pixie Nightmare

Mel and Jada are seen in bed.

Touched by a Demon

Mel and Jada hunt down witch hunters who attacked Jada.

Switches & Stones




  • Mel and Jada are the first supernatural lesbian couple in this Charmed series and also the original series.
  • Both of them were members of the Sarcana.
    • They are also the only former members of the Sarcana to be alive.
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