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The relationship between witch, Mel Vera and mortal, Niko Hamada.

Mel and Niko are partners with a crazy history, beginning with Niko leaving her fiance to be with Mel. Their relationship was put on hold when Mel's mother passed away but the two were able to get back together after Mel let go all of the anger she had over her mother's death.


Early Life

Niko was engaged to a woman named Greta but she left her fiance to be with Mel. The two were happy together until Mel's mother's death changed Mel, making her angry and forcing Niko to leave.

Season One


Mel texted Niko to get naked and tried to spend the night with her but was interrupted by a text from Marisol.

When Macy claims that she is Mel and Maggie's sister, Mel has coffee with Niko and vents about the situation. Niko took Mel's hand to comfort her but Mel was still upset that Niko broke up with her. Niko assured her that she still cared about her.

After seeing Mel freak out in the coffee shop, Niko went to the manor to make sure she was alright. Mel told Niko that she was feeling a lot better about everything and the two proceeded to have sex.

Let This Mother Out

Niko came to visit Mel and got her sandwich and also a music album as gifts.Their newly formed relationship took a minor tumble with Niko revealing she slept with Greta a week before getting back together with Mel; Mel eventually forgave Niko.

Sweet Tooth

Mel wants to tell Niko that she's an witch, but Harry tells that isn't an good idea. They're each others dates to the Halloween Party Maggie threw in the Vera Manor for her society. However the partying doesn't distract Mel who feels like she is hiding in the Wicca Closet from Niko and tells Harry that.

Exorcise Your Demons

When Tripp is post mortem framed for the Harbinger of Hell's killings as post mortem retaliation by Charity since he witnessed Mel and her sisters in action as The Charmed Ones. Mel comforts an devastated Niko who cries she thought Tripp was her friend and not an dirty cop.

Other Women

In order to protect Niko from a demon, Mel rewrites history via a spell.

Kappa Spirit

Mel confesses to Maggie that she misses Niko.

Keep Calm and Harry On

Niko for unknown reasons was in the bar and watched as Mel and Jada kissing.

Witch Perfect

After Jada leaves Mel at the bar. Niko shows up and introduces herself to an shocked Mel. She explains that she’s on a case trying to investigate if Jada is in trouble with some type of cult, and leaves her card in case Mel ever feels unsafe. Mel is torn after this encounter. Back at the house, Mel tells the sisters about her run-in with Niko, and it reminded her that sometimes people lie to protect the ones they love, and she’s hoping that’s what their mother did. Maggie asks Macy for the letters, and Mel insists that the two of them read them alone. Instead, she meets up with Jada, who tells her the truth about Niko. She also reveals that Niko is her ex-girlfriend.

You're Dead to Me

Maggie bashes Mel for stalking Niko’s Instagram. Mel says she was just curious why Niko chose to become a PI, but Maggie reminds her there’s no way she can get back with Niko again. Mel meets Niko at a café they used to go into the old timeline. explains she made the PI change two years prior after she woke up and felt like something was missing from her life. Mel bends over, revealing a scar on her shoulder. Niko is concerned, but Mel brushes the topic off after Niko proclaims she was having déjà vu. After an realization in Manchester, while Mel is helping Harry get closure on his past. She decides to let Niko go again bailing on their next meet up.

Touched by a Demon

Niko learns the people who presented themselves as Jada's parents was all an ruse when she learns they attacked her and Mel. Niko vows to arrest them unaware that they're witch hunters. Afterwards in private Jada promises Mel no one will hurt Niko, and she will take care of the hunters herself. Jada does exactly that with Mel's help. Mel learns that Niko is getting married to Greta in the upcoming spring. Mel confronts Harry and asks him if Charity ever lied about wanting Niko out of her life. Harry admits it is possible she wanted Niko out of Mel's life which furthers Mel's distrust for the Elders after previously finding out from Jada she could used Akkadian Smokescreen for Niko instead of Invoking the Moirai.


Mel is surprised to receive an urgent text from Niko asking her to come over. Despite Maggie and Macy’s warnings not to get caught up with Niko again, she agrees. At Niko’s, Mel finally meets Greta whom Niko broke up for her in their old romantic timeline together who's now her fiancée in the current timeline. She also meets Scarlett, who has just fled a cult but has no memories of her time there. Niko explains to Mel that she saw Scarlett and a number of other glassy-eyed women at the grocery store the week prior and concerned, gave them her card. Niko wants to know if this cult is affiliated with the Sarcana, though Mel reassures her otherwise. Niko calls Mel for help, describing what she saw the night the cult followers came for Scarlett at her place. She asks again if the Sarcana are involved. Mel admits that there’s a lot about the Sarcana she doesn’t know and offers to look into it. Outside the barn where Viralis is with his followers. Harry, Mel, and Macy arrive and stumble across Niko. To prevent the P.I. from getting in the way, Mel freezes time to keep Niko from interfering and also to be safe. Macy and Mel try to stage the scene so that Niko won’t know they intervened before her, the P.I. tells Mel that something weird is happening and she’s somehow always in the middle of it.


  • In this Charmed series, Mel and Niko are the first lesbian couple where one partner is a witch and the other partner is a mortal. In the original series, first such couple were witch Brenda and mortal Carly.


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