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The relationship between witch, Mel Vera and mortal, Niko Hamada.

Mel and Niko are partners with a crazy history, beginning with Niko leaving her fiance to be with Mel. Their relationship was put on hold when Mel's mother passed away but the two were able to get back together after Mel let go all of the anger she had over her mother's death.


Early Life

Niko was engaged to a woman named Greta but she left her fiance to be with Mel. The two were happy together until Mel's mother's death changed Mel, making her angry and forcing Niko to leave.

Season One


Mel texted Niko to get naked and tried to spend the night with her but was interrupted by a text from Marisol.

When Macy claims that she is Mel and Maggie's sister, Mel has coffee with Niko and vents about the situation. Niko took Mel's hand to comfort her but Mel was still upset that Niko broke up with her. Niko assured her that she still cared about her.

After seeing Mel freak out in the coffee shop, Niko went to the manor to make sure she was alright. Mel told Niko that she was feeling a lot better about everything and the two proceeded to have sex.

Let This Mother Out

Niko came to visit Mel and got her sandwich and also a music album as gifts.Their newly formed relationship took a minor tumble with Niko revealing she slept with Greta a week before getting back together with Mel; Mel eventually forgave Niko.

Sweet Tooth


Exorcise Your Demons


Other Women


Kappa Spirit


Keep Calm and Harry On

Niko for unknown reasons was in the bar and watched as Mel and Jada kissing.

Witch Perfect


You're Dead to Me



  • In this Charmed series, Mel and Niko are the first lesbian couple where one partner is a witch and the other partner is a mortal. In the original series, first such couple were witch Brenda and mortal Carly.


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