Melinda Warren was a powerful witch and is a possible ancestor of the Vera Family. She is described as a "legendary witch" and was the daughter of mortals.

Book of Shadows Entry

A legendary witch born of two mortals.

Blessed with the powers to will objects to move, to see what is to come and stop her enemies as though in stone.

Her legacy is the powerful and infamous Warren line of witches. Melinda’s birth was foretold by the first witch, who tried to protect her mother Charlotte with the power of triquetra. And therefore on the All Hallows' Day, Charlotte was captured by malevolent forces who sought to use the unborn child’s powers for evil purposes.

Powers and Abilities

  • Telekinesis: Melinda had the power to move objects and people with her mind. 
  • Temporal Stasis (presumed)[1]: She had the ability to completely stop the flow of time.
  • Prophecy: Melinda had this power, which allowed her to see the future.


  • It's unknown whether Melinda Warren is an actual person who exists in the new series.
  • It was mentioned at San Diego Comic-Con that the Melinda Warren page seen in the Book of Shadows is an Easter Egg.



  1. In new series, Melinda had Temporal Stasis or Molecular Immobilization (as in the original series).