The Mind Scanning Spell is a spell used to allow the caster to scan the mind of another being to retrieve any information that might even be buried deep in the other's brain.


This spell works similarly to the power of Empathic Telepathy by allowing the caster to delve into the mind of the intended target. However, as Fiona Callahan noted, extracting information from Harry Greenwood while she was not at full power, and he a mortal, was difficult, suggesting that this spell takes a great amount of power to achieve, and can only work on magical beings.


In Surrender, Fiona tried to use this spell on Harry after he was turned into a mortal by the Elders. However, due to her not being at full power because of her time in Tartarus, the spell wouldn’t work. Later, Fiona managed to return Harry to his younger appearance using the power of the Vortex Viribus, and once again tried this spell. While the spell showed her the information she wanted, Fiona was still unable to fully extract it from Harry’s mind, and so decided to just take him with her.

In Source Material, it is revealed that Fiona was using this spell on Harry to try to find the location of the Origin Dagger which had been buried away deep in his mind.


That which is hidden, reveal itself


  • When Fiona performed this spell on Harry, there seemed to be planets or perhaps the galaxy projected from his head. This is currently unexplained.


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